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on 5/16/20 9:06 am - Canada

Hey everyone!!

So with someone posting my old post yesterday it got me thinking about the "what are you eating/doing" threads. I've been struggling with eating lately. I don't know if I shared this but we had a second little nugget at the end of January and I have put on quite a bit of weight between the two pregnancies.

Are people still interested in reading and replying to these if I start doing them again?

on 5/19/20 6:17 am

Welcome back and Congrats!!

I had been posting the thread but no one seemed to be interested so I let it go. I'd be happy to respond and post my menu daily. Currently, I'm at a standstill on weight loss with the whole COVID deal. I was in a groove of hitting the gym several times a week and that came to an abrupt halt which is probably part of the problem. Daily walks, indoor cycling and weights are still part of my routine but I just don't seem to get the same results.

Count me as a big YES vote for the thread relaunch

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