What are you eating/doing today -- Tuesday?

on 6/2/20 12:20 pm - Canada

Good afternoon :)

I'm late getting started today. Today has been an upside down day including pupper #1 eating my eyeglasses. This is especially problematic because I broke my primary pair last May (a year ago) when I fell on my face - broke my nose, bruised ribs/chin/forehead/elbows. It was a spectacular fall. So now I have two broken pairs... I'm going to have to see if I have any old pairs left to get me through until I can make an appointment to get new ones.

QOTD: do you stress eat? I thought today was going to be a better eating day than yesterday but then I stress ate some dark chocolate I had packed away. On a positive note I'm down 2/5 pounds towards my first goal.

Post-op five years and two months.

Breakfast - protein granola bar, trail mix

Snack - protein popsicles

Lunch - cabbage roll casserole

Snack - protein bar (this is the last one and I'm not going to buy more while I'm trying to lose this regain)

Dinner - BBQ chicken and veg - love summer veg season

Snack - pudding or protein popsicles

All water and vits.

on 6/2/20 1:59 pm, edited 6/2/20 6:59 am

Good afternoon,

I too am late posting today but thankfully still have my glasses ;) I wonder if you called your optometrist if they would let you just drop your glasses off for the repair.... it's pretty important that people be able to see! Last night I helped my daughter move from an upstairs apartment in one town,,,,, to an upstairs apartment in another town so I think this should count towards a 3 hour stair master workout My body did not feel like getting out of bed and going to work, but of course I did.

QOTD: Yes I still stress eat but I think I'm more conscious of it now. Before surgery stress eating would be something fried or sugary but now I don't keep that food around so at least it's healthier stress eating when I have a weak moment.

YAY for 2 lbs Meg!! (I'm down 1 but maybe the scale will look better in a couple days with burning all those calories up and down stairs. )

B - protein shake

S - clementine

L - salad with grilled chicken

S - pretzels with chocolate hummus

D - perch, green beans with sliced almonds

S - boiled egg or a yogurt possibly

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