What are you eating/doing today -- Monday?

on 6/8/20 11:06 am - Canada

Good afternoon :)

We were a bit off schedule this morning so I'm just getting to post now. LN1 got a swing for her birthday so we are going to have to design and build a frame for it. So this will be one of our next projects so she can get using it right away :)

QOTD: swing or slide? I personally prefer going on a swing. I think I have leftover nightmares from being a bigger kid and getting stuck on the slide or the whole, hot slide, bare skin burn. The summer after my surgery we walked to the park a few times to go on the swings ;)

Post-op five years and three months

Breakfast - protein granola bar

Snack - cocoa almonds

Lunch - chicken soup

Snack - carrots and PB

Dinner - TBD... Maybe something with beans

Snack - sf pudding

All water and vits.

on 6/9/20 5:36 am

Yesterday was a write-off ,,,, CRAZY Monday!

QOTD: Swing would be my preference too for the exact same reasons. I always felt a bit worried the chains would give out on the swing too though, so the mental part of being overweight as a kid is very restricting. My favorite playground equipment were the 2 spinning ones,,,,,,,, one you sat in and used a wheel in the middle to make it spin (the teacup) and the other took a few people to get in motion and then we'd all jump on. Probably those are banned from playgrounds now!

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