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Leslie W.
on 1/18/21 7:34 pm - Cobourg, Canada

WLS is a big change but don't regret. I first thought that life and food would never be normal. When i met with a group of people going trough the process I felt amazed. There is normal after. I enjoyed the process. Set small goal for yourself. Mine were better health, (off cpap after 6 months) left hospital off med. The first time I bought boots that zipped up to knees was amazing.

Referral: August 2010 Orientation TWH: May 25, 2011  NP: June 8/11, f/u sleep clinic June 7, abd u/s June 14, SW: June 28/11  Nutrition Class: July 5/11, Dietician Aug 09, Psychologist Aug 25 Surgeon Sept 16th Surgery Date: Oct 11/11 HW:287, Opti wt: 260 SW: 242
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