Tummy tuck surgery in the Europe

on 6/29/23 4:10 am

Hello, I have lost too much weight and have loose skin all over my body. I will need a tummy tuck, lipo arm lift and thigh lift. It seems like quite a bit of work. I am looking for a good surgeon at a reasonable price within Europe - any experience or recommendations? I live in the UK so up to 3 hours by plane.

White Dove
on 7/2/23 11:57 am - Warren, OH

A surgical weight loss center would be best place to contact for referral to surgeons who specialize in loose skin removal for formerly obese patients.

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on 7/13/23 6:34 am

You can have a look at the Forme clinic in Prague. It's been a long time since I had surgery there, but I liked it. Nice clinic, doctor was great and only 2 hours from London for me.

on 7/19/23 11:41 pm

Hi. What about the consultation? Did you travel there to have one? I mean, the trip would cost extra.

on 7/20/23 8:30 am

No, I didn't travel to Prague. The consultation was online and no charge for it. I sent photos and we communicated via email and phone. And it worked fine. Then the doctor saw me anyway before the surgery and did a check-up.

on 7/27/23 7:53 am

Oh, I see, I was wondering how it works when people get surgery abroad:-) But I'll definitely check out the clinic. Prague seems like a good distance.

on 8/8/23 11:01 am

Yes, the distance is good and they also arrange the transfer for you to the hotel and help you with the accommodation. I was able to stay in an apartment that is above the clinic, which was great. Otherwise you can stay in a nearby hotel:-).

on 8/30/23 2:05 am

I also had a surgery at the Forme clinic last year. The doctors and nurses in this clinic are so friendly. Ihe result of my surgery is also really good. I really recommend this clinic.

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on 9/8/23 3:14 am
on 9/11/23 5:11 am

Thank you very much. I'll have the consultation soon, I hope it goes well because I have a lot of questions.

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