Slow weight loss and continuing PCO after RNY?

on 11/16/14 6:21 am

I recently had Gastric bypass surgery on 10/21 as a last resort to hopefully put my Type II into remission and alleviate some symptoms of PCOS. While my Type II has gone into remission, am still struggling through the issues of PCOS. Whats more, I've only lost 17 lbs in the month since surgery and have been very compliant. 

Am thankful to have a little relieve but at the same time, completely frustrated with the slow weight loss and persistent PCOS symptoms. Has anyone else experienced the same?  I am beginning to lose hope.

on 11/18/14 4:54 am
RNY on 02/24/14

I had Gastric Bypass on 2/24/14 PCOS was my driving force for this.  I had lots of worried tons!  I knew I would be the 1 person that it wouldn't work for because of my PCOS.  PCOS had killed every weight loss attempt for 20 years.  I have lost 112lbs!  I lost 20 on my pre op liquid diet and averaged about 10lbs per month for the 1st 6 months.  that last few months it is more like 8lbs a month. 

All of my PCOS symptoms are either gone or going away. 
It works!  Good Luck

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on 11/29/14 5:52 pm

Thank you so much for posting this!  I am only 3.5 months out myself and was wondering how things might be in the long run with my PCOS, this gives me hope! I have the same fear regarding it not working, but so far so good. So far I have lost 45 pounds since surgery, so roughly 13 pounds per month overall.  But not steadily at all, have had several stalls where I lost nothing or gained for 3 weeks.  Then I would lose literally 8-10 pounds in one week!  I have noticed I get very anxious and irritable so that I can hardly function every once in a while. Whenever this happens I get on the scale and it never fails that I have lost weight, usually at least 3 pounds.  Does this happen to you too? Must be my hormones adjusting themselves but I really wi**** would go away, I feel so rotten when that happens.

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on 7/15/15 11:20 am

My symptoms came back 1 year, seven months after surgery.

How about you?

I am stuck trying to figure out how to get my hormones in now...

Are you still doing well?

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Carolyn W.
on 11/20/14 4:53 pm

You could just be hitting the dreaded 3 week stall. Same exact thing happened to me. I didn't lose too much after the 3rd week and it lasted about 2 weeks. I'm finally just starting to lose again. Your body is probably in shock from everything. I am 6 weeks out and still struggling with some symptoms. Just hang in there! I lost hope too and just decided to stop weighing myself and stay compliant. Your body holds a lot of water and is most likely losing fat, but since you have so much water in you, it's not showing. Just keep doing what you're doing and all should be well! Best of luck :)

on 11/29/14 5:55 pm

I am 3.5 months out and I hear you about the stalls, it can be really hard. I try my best to only weigh myself once a week in order to not become obsessed with the scale.  Thank you for posting, it is nice to have other women with PCOS to talk to about our particular issues.

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on 11/29/14 5:27 pm, edited 11/29/14 5:28 pm

Here is a chart of what is "average" weight loss for the first year after gastric bypass: otaveragequot-weight-loss-for-the-first-year/

As you can see, how much you lose also depends on where you are starting weight-wise.

Many people experience stalls, I have had 2 so far where I lost nothing for 3 weeks!  It is scary but just keep going.

At one point, for no apparent reason, I actually gained 6 pounds in 2 days for some reason!  I freaked out a little but honestly I have heard similar stories from so many people in the months following surgery that it did not bother me too much.  A week later I had lost the 6 pounds gained plus another 2.

Try not to become obsessed with the scale or comparing yourself to others, just like with any other aspect of ourselves there will always be someone who ahead of us in some way.  Just do your best to follow your plan and if you have concerns contact your centre for guidance.

As for PCOS symptoms, I have noticed a little more extra hair issues and more severe menstrual cramps since I did not take my birth control, spironolactone, and metformin for a month before surgery.  Since I started back up on spiro and the birth control the cramps have been less. I have also had extreme emotional distress at times for no apparent reason, just start crying and cannot stop, usually only lasts a few hours but holy smokes it is awful, feel completely out of my mind with anxiety.  I think it is the hormones being released into the body from the fat when you lose weight. Anyone else get this emotional low every so often since surgery?

Anyone else thinking of getting an IUD? My doctor recommended it but not sure how it works with us ladies with PCOS?  Right now I am taking diane-35 as a birth control.

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on 12/16/14 8:25 am

Hello All,

I just had my RNY on 17 Nov. I was on birth control for my PCOS problems, and in the middle of a pill pack when I had my surgery. I was able to continue taking my birth control, but I have been having heaving spotting since then. I don't feel like I am losing, and I have not deviated off the diet prescribed by my surgeon. I do not have a scale at home (I am afraid to weigh myself and have no result). At my post op at day 10 I had lost 11 pounds. Everyone tells me weight should be falling off, and I should be getting smaller and smaller every day. My husband says he can see it in my face, but I think I look the same. I am petrified that my PCOS is not gone, and this was my driving factor to have the WLS. I am 31, been pregnant 5 times, 1 living child. I want more children. Is anyone else afraid of these same things? Not to mention, I am a nurse and probably researching myself to death.

on 1/26/15 9:04 pm - Hilton head island, SC

Hi there, just wondering if you took metformin post op? I'm trying to decide on whether I should go back to prevent so many stalls from continuing to happen? I'm only 3 months out.

on 5/2/24 11:35 am - Tulsa, OK
VSG on 07/24/12

My doctor just put me on metformin ER 500 once daily. I was wondering if there is any problem with absorption and having a Bypass.

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