Lap RNY revision for medical complications

on 2/19/24 6:33 pm

Has anyone had a RNY revision due to a bowel blockage? I have had 3 bowel blockages now, 2 small, 1 large with the last one landing me in exploratory surgery on Christmas Eve last year and they found the blockage was in part of one of the roux limbs, I guess? So they want to do a revision.

I started at 297, dropped down to 122 (depression-related weight loss that was disgusting) got back up to 190 and now have settled at 159 as of today.

I want to know how much I am going to lose (I don't really want to lose a lot because of the skin situation) and how my bowel habits will change. I am furiously constipated. I don't go for 3 days and have to take nine 5mg bisacodyl tablets to stimulate my bowels and have runny stools for a day and then go 3 days without going and do it all over again. I also developed megacolon so I don't know if that has anything to do with it either.

Anyway, I have come full circle. I was active here many moons ago. I got my surgery around 2010? I've had car accidents and traumatic brain injuries so my memory is bad... (cross addiction to alcohol came furiously after surgery) but am back to see how everyone is doing and if anyone can relate to me!

Thanks y'all!


White Dove
on 4/1/24 6:08 am - Warren, OH

Once you heal from the revision and go back to eating again, it is possible to regain everything that you lost from the RNY. Please discuss this with your surgeon.

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