8 Months ago today..........

Bobbie D.
on 5/1/11 12:38 am
It's my 8 monthaversary today! It has been crazy. I have felt successes, failures, wonderment, support, criticism. But ultimately, my health has been so improved that I feel very blessed.

My blood pressure has been normal now for 6 months and I had been taking 3 meds prior to surgery just to keep it in a moderate range. No meds at all now. For me, that is my biggest victory as my mother's parents died at 39 and 42 both of heart disease. I am 41 and have feared this disease for years. I know I'm not out of the woods completely, but I feel my risk has lowered because of this surgery.

I've had a 2 month stall where I kept losing and gaining about the same 5 lbs. This week (finally), it moved by 10 from where it kept going up to. Hopefully that trend will continue.

I have found that I love to excercise. I found a wonderful yoga/pilates class that gives me a terrific workout and the movements feel so beautiful to me that I often leave nearly in tears (of joy).

I don't eat any bread, rice, crackers etc. I do eat Dreamfields pasta once every week or 2. It's low carb and I have a whole cup with no problem.

I still don't ever feel full. I can eat an entire chicken breast, steak (tenderloin), salmon fillet, etc. I wish I felt full after 2 bites, but I eat mostly protein (carbs per day always under 100 and from good sources) so I hope this new habit will help me in the future when malabsorption stops.

I come to this site nearly every day. I attend a monthly support group locally. I love the posts and information that is here very much. Many people who have helped guide me have been from this website. Thank you all so very much.

Well, that's all for today. I just wanted to post today as I am having a hysterectomy (& bladder sling)  tomorrow morning and won't be on for a few days. I hope that I can find some other way to burn calories while I can't workout following this surgery. I will surely be here looking for ideas.

Thank you for everything,

on 5/1/11 2:43 am
Congratulations on all of your successes!!!!  You're doing a wonderful job...especially sticking thru that stall.  I had a stall and just about lost it LOL

I hope your surgery goes well tomorrow, you'll be up and around in no time, I'm sure.  Good luck and keep us posted!  
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Bobbie D.
on 5/1/11 3:26 am
Thanks, Katie!!!!

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