Recovery time

Darrin D.
on 5/10/11 12:09 pm - GA
 How long did it take, after surgery, to recover to the point of resuming a 'normal' daily routine?  How long til you were back to working/driving/?

I am scheduled RNY on June 14, this last month just can not go by fast enough.
on 5/10/11 12:15 pm - CA
I'm just over 6 weeks post-op.  I went back to work after 2 weeks off but I have a very sedentary job with understanding co-workers and boss who know I had surgery.  The first two weeks back to work, I ended up taking one day off.  I've felt more normal at 5 weeks out and on.

I still have "tired" days, but I think that's due to trying to get my protein in.
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on 5/10/11 12:16 pm
I was driving 7 days later. i felt well enough to drive 5 days later but i didn't until clearance from my surgeon. For some reason I was NOT in hardly any pain. My pain level in the hospital was never more than a 7.5. I barely even touched my pain pump except the first night I used it about 3 or 4x. infact tearing my meniscus hurt a hell of a lot worse then this surgery.

I went in on a tuesday, out by thursday. That sunday I went to my cousin's first birthday party that was 2.5 hours away(i didn't drive) and i felt fine. no issues. exactly 10 days from surgery i was in baltimore for the day to see a yankee game. i've been very lucky with no pain the only time i really had any issues was going to sleep because i couldn't sleep on my side for about 12 days or it felt uncomfortable. everyone is different though. i went back to work exactly 14 days after surgery and felt fine going back to work(i have a desk job, only requires a little walking around). Good luck on your surgery!
on 5/10/11 12:17 pm
I think some of that depends on your doctor. I am 3 weeks post-op and my doc says 14-21 days to drive and 4 weeks b4 permission to lift more than 5 lbs. I wish you well

on 5/10/11 2:09 pm - Gaylord, MN
Every doctor and every patient is different.  My doc said no driving while taking pain meds.  I took one dose of my Rx pain meds the first night I was home and not so much as a Tylenol after that.  I drove myself to my first post-op appointment five days after surgery (my doctor is about an hour from my home).  I had surgery on a Friday and felt fine to return to work by the following Tuesday or Wednesday but I did stay home the entire week after surgery.  When I returned to work I did so full time and had no problems.  I work at a desk and in people's homes. 

Lady Lithia
on 5/10/11 2:27 pm
It was two weeks to the day before I was back to working full time, six weeks before I felt like my sore abdomen was better, 8 weeks before I was on solids, and perhaps four months before I stoppedd having an afternoon nap.

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on 5/10/11 4:04 pm - CA
I (seriously) felt great after three days!

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on 5/10/11 4:12 pm - San Francisco, CA
I went back to class after a week. I basically just sit in class and listen, so, it was better than sitting in my room. I'm 2 weeks out and still feeing a bit run-down and sore. So, yeah, it does take some time. I also think it has to do with your body. And your protein intake. The more protein the better, and if you know your body takes longer to heal after being sick or being through a trauma, that's the way my surgeon told me to look at it...everyone is so different, you know?

Good luck with everything, June is just around the corner, these days are going to FLLYYYYY by. Keep us posted on your journey!!
on 5/10/11 11:27 pm
Everyone is different!!  I am three weeks today and at the moment have a bag of frozen peas on my tummy because I was sore when I woke up.  Every day is a little better...Will probably go back to work in a week or so.  Crossing my fingers.  Tired of daytime TV.
on 5/11/11 1:07 am - Oakland, CA
I was driving within 4 days after surgery (when I stopped taking the pain meds) and back to work in one week (I'm a Social Worker and my job is somewhat sedentary - though I drive around a lot to do home and commuity visits). My surgery was very easy - I had minimal pain, was walking all over the place, had no complications and was feeling energetic and well enough to return at that point.
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