heeelllp i dont feel like nething was done please respond

on 6/16/11 1:32 pm
hello i'm new i just got my surgery done on may24 so i'm about 3 weeks post op well i wanted to try something because i jiust dont feel like nothing was done cause i dont feel that fullness so i tried ravioli just to see and then i tried something  like pork rhine for the salt i know i should not but it did not hurt me at all is thiks normal what should i do ?
JudiJudi T
on 6/16/11 1:49 pm
you're not supposed to feel the fullness .. the nerves in your stomach were cut.  follow your surgeon's plan.  food isn't supposed to hurt either but if you start developing bad habits early out you'll have problems later on.  this is your time to get good habits in place.  don't test the boundaries.  :)  

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Carla M.
on 6/16/11 2:00 pm
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She's right. The nerves were cut and will take a while to heal. You won't feel that "fullness" for a while, and when you do, it will be a different sensation than before surgery. Follow the surgeon's plan and measure food. That's why they stress the measurements so early out.

on 6/16/11 2:21 pm - NY
I'm a week ahead of you (surgery 5/17) and I felt the fullness tonight for the first time. I went out for dinner with my son and ordered a small piece of poached salmon and a scrambled egg. I wasn't paying attention and I ate about half of the salmon (3 oz or so) and nearly the whole egg. I started to hiccup a bit and felt as though my chest was expanding. It wsn't a great feeling and I will be much more careful next time.

Definitely follow your doctor's plan and measure out the food as much as you can. I would really avoid pasta at this point, especially not whole wheat pasta!
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Andy Lafferty
on 6/16/11 6:28 pm - Baltimore, MD
 My body developed its own way to tell me I was full. When I eat and im full my nose runs or I sneeze. The sneezing seems to be the one that happens alot.Sometimes I sneeze as my nose is running when I'm full.
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on 6/16/11 10:31 pm - Smiths Falls, Canada
I am still waiting for my surgery date but I have already been cutting bad crap like that because I thought we were all kind of here for the same reason and getting this surgery to be a better happy healthy person! It kind of upset me to read that only three weeks out you are eating stuff like that. This surgery will never work if you just go right back into your old habits. I am very sorry if I am over stepping here but I feel very strongly about this surgery and it helping us get to the healthy people we have always wanted to be.

I really hope that you are able to get back on track and have a wonderful healthy life with your new pouch!

on 6/17/11 3:55 am
Cicerogirl, The PhD

on 6/17/11 10:31 am - OH
Advice: 1) eat ONLY what is on your surgeon's food plan  2) don't be so rude to people who are just trying to help by challenging you on some really poor choices early out.


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on 6/17/11 2:10 am - GA
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