Special Treats for Goals.

on 9/19/11 2:22 am - United Kingdom
Do you reward yourself with a treat for every stone you lose.  I make glass beads and I rarely keep any for myself so every stone I lose I'm going to make myself a special blue bead to thread onto a necklace.

A friend of mine dyes her hair a different colour every time she loses a stone,  She's doing Weigh****chers so losing a bit slower than with a bypass. 

So do you give yourself or better still do you have a partner who gives you a treat for each mini goal you reach.
on 9/19/11 2:26 am

I read a post here about using pandora bracelets & beads as a reward and did that.  My surgery was also my b-day, so my hubby bought me the bracelet & 1 bead then and then a bead every 10lbs. 


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on 9/19/11 2:28 am - New Carrollton, MD
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A stone is equal to what....14 pounds?  I've been doing mine in 20 pound intervals.  I'm a makeup/breauty product junkie....so for every 20 pounds I lose I allow myself one "treat"....a new lipstick...eyeshadow...perfume...something.  Sephora and MAC are my weakness...so when I decided to have the surgery, my BF brought 5 $20 giftcards to a bunch of my favorite places...so everytime I lose 20 pounds....I get one as a reward!   I'm 1 pound away from getting my second one and I can TASTE it (or rather smell it cause I want some new fall/winter perfume!!)
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on 9/19/11 2:35 am - WA
If I can reach or pass my personal goal of 150lbs Im gunna get a tattoo! I have always wanted one and I would have a pretty good reason for getting it if I can accomplish that :) only 18lbs to go!
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on 9/19/11 2:53 am - Royal Oak, MI
I was going to get a tattoo at the 100 pound mark.

My closet, however, is telling investing in a few more items of cloth would be fairly beneficial.

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on 9/19/11 2:55 am - Joppa, MD
I'm thinking I should have set lower reward goals.   LOL

I set my rewards at 100lbs and that was a bottle of Chanel No. 5.   And my next reward was to be a color laserjet printer when I hit goal.  Unfortunately some medical bills arrived and took that money.   So I guess my goal reward is now partial payment of my lab bills. 

As a big overall goal my husband wants to fly my sister up for the Holidays this year.  Working on the details to see if we can set that up. 

I love it that some chose 10lbs or a stone to reward themselves.  That's very cool. 


on 9/19/11 3:32 am
I am doing the pandora beads.  1 for every 20 lbs I lose, so I figure I should be able to get 6 by the of my adventure.  :P
on 9/19/11 5:02 am - United Kingdom
Sorry yes, forgot where I was for minute.  A stone is 14lb.  My start weight was 18st I have 9 stone to lose to get to goal so I will be exactly half the woman I was when I started.

Mine are also Pandora style beads only I make my own so I guess they are Quiggle beads

I think small goals are great because they are so do-able and they all add up don't they.  Even a glossy magazine or a bunch of flowers is lovely to have as a treat isn't it.
on 9/19/11 5:10 am - Fort Campbell, KY
That is a great idea. I normally end up buying clothes because I need them so bad. haha!
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on 9/19/11 6:46 am
I bought my self flowers for every 20 or 25 pounds lost. I bought a new camera I'd been wanting for 50 pounds lost. Don't remember what I got myself at goal but a year after hitting goal I "rewarded" myself with a Harley Davidson for maintaining for a year. (Still there and on my 3rd Harley). LOL. We need little rewards throughout this journey. It makes goals seem more attainable and rewards us for good behavior and hard work. We deserve something this is
work every day to lose and maintain. pat yourself on the back and give yourself a treat!

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