on 12/28/11 4:41 pm - Lexington, KY

OK friends!  This is it!  Tonite, I made out my first TWO week menu's for my dear daughter and I along with "my" workout plan to walk and swim.  I'm keeping track of my food and fitness on "myfitnesspal.com"!  It's free so if you want to keep yourself in check then join me.  You can add friends and track their progress with them as well for support.  I have set a goal for myself to lose 50 lbs by June 1st.  I hope with lots of hard work I can exceed my expectations!!


You can find me on myfitnesspal.com under "WildHeart101".....
2012 is the year for NO EXCUSES!!!  A new season of Biggest Loser and a better, healthier US from the OH forum!!!

Cindy    *number on ticker includes 14.5 lbs lost prior to surgery                                                                                
Gail P.
on 12/28/11 8:22 pm - Lakeland, FL
You can do it.  I started sept 7 and lost 24.  I am Gmpots on mfp.  All my friends have had WLS on Mfp.  Join us. 
on 12/28/11 11:19 pm - Sugar Grove, VA
 I am also in.. I have not had WLS, bc I am currently a stay at home mom of 1 yr old twins and I am going back to school. But starting the New Year I am watching what I eat and starting excersize. I already cut out all my pop/soda.. I only drink water or milk.. Good Luck everyone!
Kayla Surber    
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