In agony

on 1/30/12 3:19 am - FL
 I'm 2 weeks post op. Before surgery I suffered from years of acid reflux. I was told that after WLS that it should go away. It's been gone up until today. I'm having burning sensation in my chest. Is it possible it has came back? Does anyone else suffer from this as well? Thx, Robin.
on 1/30/12 3:28 am - TX
It sounds to me like you might be too full and your pouch is tight. That is what it feels like for me........anyway, best is always to contact your Doctor to find out what is going on....
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on 1/30/12 3:51 am
I also had horrible acid reflux before surgery.

I was told that I would need to continue to take acid reducer pill for up to one year post op.
I take a 20 mg tablet once a day and have had no troubles.
Ramie A.
on 1/30/12 4:30 am - Bronx, New York, NY

I had a lapband and had terrible acid reflux for years.  I switched over to the RNY in August and tried to go off of the prilosec a few weeks ago.  The heartburn came back bad.  I'm back on prilosec for at least a few more months, then will try going off again.

So the answer to your question is YES, lots of people still have heartburn.

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on 1/30/12 6:27 am
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I've had severe GERD for greater than 10 years and take Nexium. I've required the head of bed elevated 45 degrees before surgery and now I only need it around 15-20 degrees. My surgeon leaves all his patients on PPIs for a year post-op. Because I have been on Nexium (and previously Prilosec) for greater than 10 years, I will need to be weaned slowly off due to "rebound" acid reflux. It could take 3-4 months to wean off.

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on 1/30/12 2:14 pm - Lusby, MD
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I also have acid reflux and am 2 weeks post op. I am still on protonix thought I was told with my weight loss I will probably eventually come off of it. As usual, what you drink/eat may be the culprit. Good luck !
Hattie T.
on 1/30/12 2:43 pm - Denver, CO
I, too, had GERD for years. Prilosec is what I took twice daily. Since my RNY I have not taken Prilosec. I have had heartburn 2 or 3 times, but I think it was the way that I ate (too much, too fast, etc.). Maybe yours will go away soon.
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on 1/30/12 2:55 pm - FL
Thx so much for your replies. Feels better when knowing you're not alone. I do hope it goes away soon.