Arthritis ? and yet another "stall". . .

Turtle Lynn
on 11/14/12 9:39 pm - New Castle, DE
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. . . . I am so frustrated lol.  I am not too crazy about these "stalls" or slow downs, or recalibrations, or whatever name you want to place on staying at the same weight for multiple weeks .  

I am pretty sure it is because I am not exercising, since my calorie intake is pretty much the same. . .well that and I am not getting in my 100 grams of protein; I am at about 60 gm right now.  I know that makes a difference, and my Dietitian and surgeon both want me drinking 2-3 protein shakes a day, and although I like the ones I have (GNC Lean Shakes) the idea of drinking one right now just makes me gag. . .obviously its a mental thing and I need to get over myself.  My Dietitian pretty much said too bad, so sad, suck it up and drink it anyway. . . .. . .gotta love those Dietitians!

I'm not exercising because I am having a big problem with the arthritis in my lower back, right hip and knee.  I am struggling to even get up the stairs at my 2nd job.  I am gimping around whenever I stand up and walk, it hurts to sit, it hurts to stand, it hurts to breathe. . .you get the picture. . . so my PCP said to stop exercising until this "flare up" settles down.  

She wants me to go see an Orthopedic doc. . .oh joy.  I am not trying to have any steroid shots, oweeeee!!!!  I just had to get x-rays done to make sure it wasn't bone on bone, which thankfully it isn't; though I think it may be time for some arthritis meds. . . . . . . any suggestions?  I keep hearing that Cymbalta is good.  I am going to mention it to my Neuro doc when I go for my appt tomorrow (migraines and daily headaches, oh joy).

I swear, although I am MUCH healthier now than before my surgery, I am starting to feel that the more weight I lose, the worse I feel lol.  Getting older sucks 

Anywho, on a positive note, I am still in the 11/12 skinny jeans, though they are starting to fall off my nonexistent butt heh heh heh. . .I can't quite get into the 9/10 yet.  I got a few pairs of regular 10s on and can almost get them buttoned  I am VERY happy about that. . .and I have been wearing a Large shirt, down from an XL, wooo hoooo!!!!!  My scrubs, I am getting into Mediums.  . . I had to give away all of the Larges, XLs and 2-3x ones I had!!!

Now, if my belly would just go down more I'd be in heaven. . oh yeah, and my thighs. . .of course if I could exercise, that would certainly help. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . anybody have a magic wand I can borrow to make my belly and thighs disappear? 

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on 11/14/12 10:16 pm - Sacramento, CA
Im sorry for what your going thru. Have you taken your measurements? Lots of times when your at a stall you lose inches.

Maybe you can do water exercise? I don't know if that would still hurt to much.

I haven't done any shakes at all. I get all my protien from my meals.
I hope your flare up goes away soon. Hugs.

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Turtle Lynn
on 11/14/12 10:37 pm - New Castle, DE
RNY on 05/29/12 with

Thanks, Dee! 

I actually haven't taken my measurements, but I am planning on doing that soon because I definitely do lose inches when the scale doesn't move.  It doesn't make sense to me, but it happens lol. 

I asked her abou****er exercise and she said not to do anything right now.  Her concern is that I may be able to move in the water, but that when I get out it will be worse.  She feels my joints need to "rest" right now. . .which is, of course, not what I want to hear.  Though, I truly am in too much pain to really move around much anyway, which is pretty miserable.

I am hoping they will prescribe me something to help with the arthritis and prevent these flare ups. . .keeping my fingers crossed! 

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on 11/14/12 11:03 pm - Cincinnati, OH
RNY on 08/06/12

i have been going to a ortho doc and got cortisone shots in both knees - OMG!  I wish I had done this a couple years ago!  Then I decided to get the gel injections in my R knee and I love my knees now!  I'm not hobbling around!  So, I wouldn't rule that out unless your  OK with your pain level.  I wish I had done this years ago.

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Turtle Lynn
on 11/15/12 12:02 am - New Castle, DE
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I had cortisone shots in my shoulder years ago and it was terrible.  That's why I don't want to go that route with my knees if I don't have to.  I will have to look into the gel as I am definitely not okay with my pain level.  I was hoping I could just get a prescription to  take and not do the invasive stuff.  I guess we will see, but I am very glad that the shots are working out so well for you!!!!

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on 11/14/12 11:18 pm - San Antonio, TX

If interested, please see my profile page. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis. I have never been able to do a consistent exercise program. I do walk as much as possible when able. I have lost 200 pounds and have maintained this loss for the last year. I am 5'4" tall. 

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Turtle Lynn
on 11/15/12 12:03 am - New Castle, DE
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Oh wow, you have done FABULOUS!!!!!  I will definitely check out your profile page, thank you! 

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Laura in Texas
on 11/15/12 12:40 am
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I hope you feel better soon. My surgeon always says we can lose weight without exercise, but to keep it off, we MUST exercise. I hope you can find a way to get some movement into your day without causing you too much pain. Have you tried water aerobics??? Honestly I did not do a bit of exercise until 7 months post-op. My body hurt too much just carrying around the extra weight. Plus, I was a couch potato. But I did manage a way to make myself do it, even thought not did not like it.

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Turtle Lynn
on 11/15/12 3:29 am - New Castle, DE
RNY on 05/29/12 with

Thanks, Laura!  

I suggested water aerobics but my PCP said no for right now.  I am hoping though if nothing else, I can at least do that.   She wants me to wait until I see the Ortho doc before I do anything else at this point.  

I am not a "fan" of exercise, but there are a few things I don't mind doing.  I was enjoying the treadmill and stationary bike. . okay, maybe not exactly "enjoying" it, but it was tolerable and got me moving.  Now I feel fat and miserable again lol.  

Now that I am temporarily "not allowed" to exercise. . .I actually want to 

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Heidi T.
on 11/15/12 2:38 am
RNY on 01/31/12

I would be careful with meds, alot of the perferred meds contain NSAIDs please make sure that what they perscribe do not have NSAIDs in them.

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