Calorie Intake????

on 11/14/12 7:09 pm

Hi everyone!!!! I have never posted on here yet but I get on here almost everyday...

I just was wondering what my calorie intake should be a day??? My doctor talks about the protein intake but I always forget to ask about calories???? 

And I will say I am having a hard time getting in my protein and my fluids.... It is kind of scary sometimes because I dont want my low fluid intake and low protein intake to catch up to me.....

I had my surgery on September 11th sooo its been a lil over two months since i had surgery.. My starting weight was 307lbs in February and I started my 6 month pre op diet... I was down to 278lbs the day of surgery and I am now 236lbs....So thats 41lbs since surgery and an over wieght loss of 71lbs!!!.... That a good amount right? To lose in 2 months???    

Thank you in advance... I read the forums all the time and it is such a good help and inspiration!!!

on 11/14/12 8:13 pm - angier, NC
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I had my WLS on sep 17th, and for this stage i am told 70g of protein, 60-80 oz of water, and around 600-800 calories.

If you are having a hard time with protein and water intake, do a protein drink. I use Lean Shakes by GNC, seems to be one of the few i can stomach now.

Are you getting your vitamins? D3? Calcium? Iron? Is there a reason why you arent getting enough fluids? or enough protein? Some people get nausea alot but if you get more fluids that tends to go away. I know for me, i was having a hard time with my water, so i went and bought a slushie ice maker. I make my flavored water into a slushie.

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on 11/14/12 8:42 pm

I try to do a protein shake everyday... But for some reason after WLS I have had a hard time with drinking them, like you said... I dont like the sweet taste of them anymore... Yes I am getting my vitamins... I wouldnt say I get nauseated by food but I get bored with what I eat,.... It seems like I eat the same things... I really need to open my mind to different foods.

 I will say my one big problem with eating and drinking is.... I remember that I need to drink then I realize I need to eat... so I drink a lil and then eat and then I cant drink for 30 to 60 minutes then before I realize I need to drink I need to eat If you understand what I am saying.... I have gotten a lil better but still really need to work on things....

on 11/14/12 8:44 pm

Oh the slushie machine sounds nice... I may have to invest in one... Where would I find one and about how much do they cost????

on 11/15/12 12:03 am - angier, NC
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I just got one from walmart, for 15.00. .

Also with the drinking and eating, you only need to wait 30 mins. I time myself once i stop eating i look at the time, then 30mins later im drinking. I try to drink at least 1 20 oz bottle between each meal. Also with my Lean shake i am drinking my first 25grams of protein as well as my first 14oz of fluid.

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on 11/14/12 9:31 pm - NH

Fluids are VERY important to your health and success!! Set a timer to remind you to drink. Really. Do it. Keep doing it. Set it for every ten minutes if you have to!

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on 11/14/12 10:05 pm - KY
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My surgery was on 9/25/12, not long after yours.
On my 6 week visit with my NUT, she told me to not worry about calories just yet.  To use this time for establishing a good relationship with food...meals as instructed, measuring foods and getting in the proteins and fluids.  Unless you are eating several meals a day, or grazing, and are measuring foods (I'm on 1/4 c. at 3 meals a day), calories aren't going to exceed what you should be taking in.  I drink a lot of broths, hot decaf tea, hot chocolate protein drinks and whatever I can think to satisfy hunger, my fluid requirements and just the hand-to-mouth. 
There are great websites that have WONDERFUL recipes.  The one that Nik has, Bariatric Foodie, and another The World According to Eggface.  There are more, but I can't think of them right now.  Pinterest also has lots of Bariatric friendly recipes.  
I set my phone alarm to remind me that it's time to drink, after meals.  The other night, I went to the movies with my teen daughter, had a little bit of popcorn and beef jerky.  I set the alarm and thought it was on vibrate.  During the movie, my alarm went off.  Oh, I put my phone in my bra, so not only did it go lit up my chest!  lol  One embarrassed teenager that night...


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  • *3-6 Months After Surgery: I ate 600-700 calories a day
  • *6-9 Months After Surgery: I ate 800-900 calories a day
  • *9-12 Months After Surgery: I ate 1000 calories a day
  • *12-24 Months After Surgery: eat 1200 calories a day (I ate 1200 calories a day until 15 months when I reached my goal weight)
  • *24 Months after surgery (or when goal weight is reached before 24 months): Maintenance calories (BMR/RMR & Activity Level) (Malabsorption of calories lasts approximately 18-24 months) (I eat 1800-2000 calories a day to maintain my weight loss of 200 pounds at a weight of 131 pounds. My height is 5'4")
  • I do not participate in a formal exercise program due to Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis. I do move around a lot more and do a lot more walking.

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