Side and Back Pain when I eat

on 5/3/14 2:09 pm

I haven't felt "full" yet. But I have accidently eaten too quickly or something too dry and that gives me a pain in my side or back immediately. Weird? I feel like my stomach must be on my side or something. This only happens if something doesn't go down quite right.

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Betty S.
on 5/4/14 1:22 am - Mesa, AZ

No, that's not weird at all. And for the feeling full, there is a chance that you might never feel that again. I still don't, but if I take one bite too many, I have the abdominal pain you are talking about, and it's not a happy feeling.  I think you hit the nail on the head when you said 'too quickly'...slow down, and you should be fine.


on 5/4/14 1:39 pm

Thanks for your reply. It's just such an odd and weird location. Glad it's normal. I do get hungry, just not full. I measure everything, do the problem do fat hadn't been too much, it's been too fast or too dry.  

hw: 311  cw:304  sw:???  gw:150

on 5/5/14 3:16 am

After I stopped taking Omeprazole, I started feeling pain that went from front and radiated through my ribs and back.  As soon as I started taking it again, it went away!

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on 5/5/14 4:13 am
RNY on 12/18/13

Your stomach is on your side, although your pouch is not as far over now as your stomach was. If you look up an anatomical graphic, you can see that your stomach is actually in the left upper quadrant of your body, opposite your liver on the right. Now that most of your stomach isn't connected to the esophagus anymore, the pouch is closer to the center of your chest, but still over to the left somewhat.

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