Bad cramps !! :(

on 8/25/14 1:48 pm

OMG!! My stomach is cramping so bad today ..I can't stay off toilet. And my shoulder has bout killed me today. When I take deep breath it takes my breath.. I know I'm not getting enough fluids.. But what I do drink is going right through me. My skin is so dry, my mouth is waiting to get in to my doctor I'm. 3 wks out. I've lost 17 lbs . I'm eating good it just goes through me but I think it's supposed to but my go**** cramps. I'm going to doctor to get him to check my numbers cuz I have been very bad anemic since I was sleeved in 2007. And find out what kind of vitamins I need to be on. What do y'all think about all this  .

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on 8/25/14 9:11 pm - OH

Sounds like you are dehydrated.  You might need to go to the ER for IV fluids.

What you eat is not supposed to just "go right through you."  What made you think it's supposed to?

You're three weeks out and you are going to go to the doctor to find out what vitamins you need to be on?  You didn't find that out before surgery?  You're not taking vitamins now?

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on 8/25/14 10:27 pm - FL
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Get thee to an ER, pronto


on 8/25/14 10:30 pm - WI

If you really think you are that dehydrated then a trip to the ER and IV fluids is what you need to do.  The diarrhea could be from lactose intolerance.  Make sure your protein powder is lactose free.  Skip the regular milk and start mixing it with almond milk, soy milk, or water.  I suffered with diarrhea and cramping for months before I figured out I was lactose intolerant.

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on 8/25/14 11:02 pm

Yes I know that I need a multi vitamin. But I wZnted him to check me to see if anything was low and let me know so he could tell me what I need. I should have reworded it . I'm drinking premiere protein already mixed. With the sleeve I did not stay in bathroom. But now with the RNY they said I would or may not exsperience diaria. 

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on 8/25/14 11:49 pm

It is more common for RNY'ers to have constipation.  Sometimes a post-op diarrhea can be due to a lack of proper bowel bacteria.  Maybe try some good Greek yoghurt with frozen fruit?? 

Also, there's the possiblility of C. Diff, which is not fun.

on 8/26/14 12:35 am

What is C Diff

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on 8/26/14 12:31 am - WI

Premier Protein RTD contains milk.  Here is the nutritional label.  As far as vitamins and lab work, you probably won't show deficiencies from your RNY for months.  All RNY patients should be taking two multi-vitamins daily and 1500 to 2000 mg of calcium citrate daily.  That is the minimum requirement.  You may need to add more supplements after you get lab work done.  I would not wait to start taking vitamins until you are deficient.  

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on 8/26/14 3:06 am

Stomach pain and shoulder pain are also possible symptoms of gall bladder and pancreas issues.  Not to mention you could be dehydrated.  Get to the ER.


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on 8/26/14 3:11 am

I have no Gall Bladder. I'm thinking it could be lactose intolerant . I went to GNC store got protein   that is lactose free. Gonna try it.the protein I been drinking is chocolate flavor that could be doing it. But I'm gonna fool around a bit with it . Thanks bunches

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