No More Mammal Meat?

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SOOO I recently had my LBL and BA and it turned out great! While recovering though I had a nasty episode of anaphylaxis. I had been off all meds for more than 48 hours at the time and had not eaten anything new. I did have pot roast about 3 hours or so prior. I am waiting for a confirmation from a blood test but my allergist seems to believe it’s probably an allergy to the Alpha-gal sugar present in some mammal meat. This is an allergy that UVA ( I am in VA) recently did a big study on and is making a lot of press in my area due to its rapid incline. They believe it spawns from a bite from a lone star tick that carries a particular bacterium and unlike Lyme does not need to be attached a particular amount of time..just needs to bite you. I have had several tick bites in my life and pulled the most recent lone star off about 3 weeks ago. I also have an acquaintance that has this particular issue. While I hope this isn’t the case I also kind of hope it is because then I will know what to avoid vice the alternative of being scared every time I eat! I carry an epi pen now :/   At least I can still eat poultry and seafood! GAH

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Not living in your area I've never even heard of a lone star tic. Very interesting - always better to know what is going on than have it a mystery. Good luck and congratulations on the weight loss!

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