Few labs !

on 9/11/14 2:06 pm - IN

Went last week to get a few labs and went to St Vincents to see Dietitian and Dr Appointment. I will give you the lads that say high and low.

Vitamin D25 hydrox  43   reference range 30-80 I'm taking 1- 50,000 Vitamin D3 weekly  I was told this is good

My Vitamin B1 was high 307 range 91-212 I have been taking 1-100mg  a day. Now I was told to take 1-100mg 1x week

Alk Phosphase was high 182 reference range 38-137. Nothing was said about it so I don't know what to do to make better

Globulin 2.0 low  reference 2.1-3.7 not sure about this either

B12 was 2000 high reference range 243-894  said was good.

Folate 20.0 high  reference 4.2-19.9

So I was also told since I only had period 1x in 8 month I do not need to take additional iron my Multi has enough iron but if I get my periods again to start taking again. I will be getting a CBC soon so I don't know number yet. I get more labs when my next Appointment in January 1 year. I will also get a bone scan.My calcium number was 9.4 range 8.2-10.4

Let me know what you think ? Thanks



H.A.L.A B.
on 9/11/14 9:21 pm

I dont have a period, but i need iron infusions.  I needed series in 2011, another in 2012, and this year. 

Iron is tricky. Unless your fertitin are >200...i woukd take exra iron. 

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on 9/13/14 9:34 am - IN

If my iron level is 200 I would be ok to just get my iron from Multivitamin 2x day? Why would my Dietitian say stop taking taking the iron she said I only need what is in my Multivitamin, this is to important to say stop when my health is at risk.

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