3 weeks out.....

Linda L.
on 3/9/15 10:39 pm
RNY on 02/17/15

I'm 3 weeks out of surgery. Had some complications during surgery. My lungs collapsed and they kept me sedated for a day and a half. I was very weak and hospitalized for 15 days. I am staying w my parents and have a nurse OT and PT coming to work w me.  I am having loose bowels frequently and wonder if anyone else has experienced this.  Lots of gas. I am able to get in my 8 cups of water a day so I'm not dehydrated.   I am excited to begin this new chapter in my life! And can't wait til my bloating and gas go away!

White Dove
on 3/9/15 11:04 pm

I had a terrible time with loose bowels and gas.  I finally realized it was my Celebrate bariatric vitamins that are chewable and sweetened with sugar alcohols.  I switched to the OPurity vitamins from Unjury and no longer have the gas problem.  Look at the labels of everything you are using for ingredients like mannitol, sorbitol, and others ending in tol.  Celebrate does not list those online, but they are on the bottle.

Sugar free popsicles can also be sweetened with sugar alcohols.

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

on 3/10/15 12:34 am
RNY on 02/19/15

I've been having diarrhea for the past couple of days too. It sounds like you just got released? I ask bc I'm in the hospital (getting released today) so they've actually said I shouldn't be having diarrhea and are testing a stool sample now, ew. 

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Linda L.
on 3/10/15 2:40 am
RNY on 02/17/15

My surgeons nurse thinks it's something I'm eating or drinking. The sugar free Popsicles and fruit juice. I'm going to take them out of my diet and see what happens.  They are going to test a stool sample for c-diff to rule it out. Good luck to you!

on 3/10/15 7:59 am
RNY on 03/02/15

I had surgery last Monday and did not have any bowel movement ******ovement at all until Wednesday around 11pm. It was mostly gas and some diarrhea and they told me that was completely normal after the presurgery diet of protein and water only, then clear liquids only. I have been home since Thursday now and just got switched to full liquids today, so hoping something a little more impactful will happen soon, otherwise I have had the same thing...intermittent gas, a few very small loose bowel movements a day and still cramps most of the time. 


on 3/10/15 1:47 am

I don't have diarrhea but I almost always have loose bowels.  Not sure if that's just me but i've had that problem for about 3 years now.  Sorry for TMI. I am VERY lucky as I had no gas. WHen I had my hiatal hernia repair i had horrendous gas that lasted for weeks.  This surgery I only had a tiny bit of gas the first day.   Congratulations!  Hang in there!  

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