hating/loving easter

on 3/30/15 11:41 am - MD
RNY on 07/30/13

So today I went into work and one dear person presented me with a chocolate bunny and bag of reeses miniatures. The reeses have been calling to me all day. I thought about eating just one knowing it would probably lead to more. Even did a calorie count to justify eating one. 44 calories per piece. Pondered this awhile then walked away. Bag will go to grandkids unopened. Bunny will also hop over to a grand. I have a choice of 8 to pass it to. Hate all the tempting candy but love my size 6 enough to pass it up. Not easy but doable.


on 3/30/15 1:28 pm
RNY on 08/11/14

Great job! 

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on 3/30/15 3:00 pm - Canada

its nice to see you didn't let the chocolate win ,  be proud of yourself because I know that's a very hard choice for anyone  to make not counting your grandbabies will love the extra treat too

on 3/31/15 1:18 am - Grain Valley, MO

Good for you!!  Does the person who gave them to you know about your surgery and weight loss?  My co-workers wouldn't even offer me a cookie or any sweet treat.  In the beginning I let them know I no longer ate things like that so they respected that.

For me, eating just one of the Reeses would be a big mistake.  I would want more and more.

Remember.....a moment on the lips.....forever on the hips.



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