Good Book=Revelations

Jaime M.
on 7/7/15 12:11 pm
RNY on 08/31/15

So, I picked up a book at the goodwill last weekend (everything was 50% off and I love a good book, for only $1 especially).  This book is called "FOOD: The Good Girl's Drug", it's about binge eating and what they term in the book "disrupted emotional eating".  Holy cow, so many things in the book rang true for me that I realized I actually do have a legitimate issue with food, not just my negative self talk of saying how it's weird that I do x/y/z behavior.  So yes, I've come to understand, my relationship with food is definitely jacked up and that there is a clinical name for it.  Thankfully I've already established counseling to help work on this issue specifically as I move forward with my weight loss surgery journey.  But WOW, what an eye opener to read something and just have a light bulb turn out and think to myself, wow, I'm not the only who does that.  Or whoa, I knew that was weird that I used to sneak food as a teenager but didn't realize lots of other people did too.  

I guess what I'm saying is, emotionally I'm starting to work through stuff that I didn't recognize the first time around when I got my lapband in 2008 (removed 2010 for erosion).  The surgeon's office I saw for that procedure was not great about follow up and was all about pushing people through as many procedures as possible.  I'm happy to be on a better track armed with more knowledge and using ALL the tools available to me to make this successful.

on 7/7/15 3:40 pm - San Antonio, TX

You must embrace a lifestyle change with your thoughts and eating habits. Weight loss begins in the mind, not the stomach.


Physical Hunger Vs. Emotional Hunger

Physical Hunger:  Comes on gradually and can be postponed.

Emotional Hunger: Comes on suddenly and feels urgent.

Physical Hunger:  Can be satisfied with any type of food.

Emotional Hunger: Causes specific food cravings (pizza, chocolate, ice cream, etc...)

Physical Hunger:  Once you are full you can stop eating.

Emotional Hunger: Eat more than you normally would. Feel uncomfortably full.

Physical Hunger:  Causes satisfaction, doesn’t cause guilt.

Emotional Hunger: Leaves you feeling guilty and cross with yourself.

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on 7/8/15 9:09 am

Weight loss begins in the mind...

I second this.  And 1 year, 7 months out, I am still having to check-in with. "Am I really hungry?" Am I full?

For example, I am eating a healtier version of sweet and sour chicken with riced cauliflower.  After 4 bites, I feel full. MY head wants to keep eating but my pouch says..."done!"

Who am I going to listen to? (obviously the pouch). However, overcoming ones will/head hunger is something I have to do mindfully.

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Three pounds below Goal!!! Yay !  

Jaime M.
on 7/8/15 9:34 am
RNY on 08/31/15

I agree with both of you posted above, just happy that the mental click finally made a connection so that I can recognize more easily.  Again, super happy I'm establishing with a therapist and doing all of the right things to make this successful for me!

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RNY on 11/26/12

When I read "Good Book=Revelations," I thought you were going to quote scripture from a Bible you bought for only $1. At first glance, I thought "goodwill" was a typo and you meant God's will.  My sharp mind then read "good girl's drug" to which I thought "yes, Christian women are prone to using food as a crutch."  But then my own lightbulb came on when you used the word "Holy" with "Cow". You weren't talking Bible after all      \_ ( "/ ) _/        I think it's time to get my labs done.

Jaime M.
on 7/9/15 8:23 am
RNY on 08/31/15


Ok, you're post actually made me laugh and first thing on a Thursday, I totally appreciated that.  I can see how if you're glancing through that is totally what it would lead you to believe.  But no, incidentally I was neither referring to the Bible, nor God's will, nor the book of revelations.  AMEN!