Lord give me strength

on 9/15/16 7:17 am - Live Oak, FL
I had RnY October 29, 2007. I lost 195 pounds. But, regained 63 pounds. Since June of 2015, I have lost 25 pounds (Go me!!).

My husband is scheduled to be sleeved October 14th. He will start the pre-op diet this coming Monday (9/19/16). I told him when we started this journey of getting him approved for surgery that, I would do the pre-op diet with him . As well as the different phases of post op diet. Looking at the caloric intake for him (1400) and the caloric intake for me (1200), all I can say is "Lord help me/us".

I know this will help me almost as much as it will help him, with the weight. And also, we will have each other now to give/receive support from.
We can do this!!

P.S. Sorry for rambling on.
 It's a great day to be alive.        
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on 9/15/16 7:21 am

Love the solidarity! 

on 9/15/16 7:39 am
RNY on 08/04/15

You can do it!  1200 calories is totally doable, just make sure to go protein forward, cut out all the slider foods and you will rock it!

Age: 44 | Height: 5' 3" | Starting January 2015: 291 | RNY 8/4/15 with Dr. Arthur Carlin| Goal: 150

Listen to advice and accept discipline, and at the end you will be counted among the wise. ~Proverbs 19:20

on 9/15/16 7:41 am

You can do this.

on 9/15/16 7:57 am - Live Oak, FL
Thanks ya'll!!
 It's a great day to be alive.