About 40 hours since surgery. Pain?

on 8/25/17 3:02 am

Hey everyone. I got sent home last night. I am in a little bit of pain. My insides feel heavy, sore and painful. It's uncomfortable to drink but I have been doing it slowly. It hurts to swallow pills. How long will it take until I feel better? I have been up and moving around so no worries there. I've never had surgery before. I'm worried i won't know what's normal or not. Just a little scared if anyone could talk to me, that would be great.

on 8/25/17 3:15 am
RNY on 02/28/17

It will take a while to feel back to normal, but walking and drinking your fluids will help with the gas. Also pills are sometimes difficult at the beginning since the new pouch is sensitive. Just focus on walking and sipping and things will improve!

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on 8/25/17 4:09 am
RNY on 08/14/17

For me, each day got better for the most part. I had my gallbladder removed and the RNY together so they told me my pain might be a little worse than some. I think liquids started getting easier around day 5 or so. That's when I noticed a lot less discomfort and gurgling after fluids or meds. Good luck to you!

on 8/25/17 4:30 am - Philadelphia, PA
RNY on 04/28/15

Your just out of major surgery- feeling discomfort and pain is normal. Walk, walk and walk some more. I did laps around the house, then up the street and back. And drink. That's your job now- nothing else. I used a notebook and tally marks for every ounce. Seems tedious- but is important. I had to crush pills initially.

Calf pain, Fever, hot, swollen incision areas are red flags. Some amount dizziness/nausea is normal post anesthesia.

Take it easy.

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on 8/25/17 5:15 am
RNY on 05/02/17

I had more pain than I expected and continued the pain meds until I felt totally comfortable. It took a while and for me is wasn't linear that each day was better, it was more like a roller coaster. I remember a lot of pain the first 3 days and then better, then it was around 8 days I had some pain again but it only lasted a day or two and wasn't severe. I sipped water and protein drinks slowly throughout the day and spaced out my pills so I wouldn't have to take them all at once. You will get back to normal, but it will take a bit.

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on 8/25/17 6:07 am
RNY on 09/22/16

Everyone's pain tolerance is different. Use your meds as needed! Make sure to walk lots to help with gas pains. Sip as much as you possibly can. Get rest too!

Hope you feel better soon! Congrats on making it to the losers bench :)


on 8/25/17 6:23 am - MN
RNY on 11/26/12

I felt a little bit better each day with rough patches every now and then, too. If you are worried about what is normal or what is not normal, get some reassurance by phoning your medical team with questions; they learn about patient concerns by taking those calls. Ask specific questions here, digest the answers, then call your medical team to confer with them before picking your plan of action. I used liquid pain reliever medicine and didn't start supplements right away; when I did, it was chewables or crushed pills. Even though you type the words "a little bit of pain" and "a little scared," I think you might be screaming different words inside? How about, "THIS PAIN HAS ME SCARED SOMETHING IS WRONG? HELP!" Pain is normal, fear is normal, wanting help is normal. Asking specific questions no matter how embarrassing they may seen; no doubt one of us went through it and have a little bit of wisdom to share.

on 8/25/17 9:58 am

Every time they asked what my pain scale was, I would say 2-3. Then one of the nurses showed me the faces on the pain scale and told me it was ok if it was a higher number. I didn't want anyone to think I was a wimp but then I finally told her it was really a 6.

I feel ok when I am not drinking anything but obviously I have to drink all the time. I wish I did not have to but I will. I've had 10oz of water this morning and I am working on a 12 oz protein shake right now. I am going to try some broth later in the afternoon and a cup of herbal tea tonight. I'll keep sipping my water throughout the day until the next 12oz is gone. That will get me about 64oz of fluids. I have been walking up and down the driveway every couple of hours.

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on 8/25/17 7:41 am

((hugs)) Dayum, 3am worries SUCK! ((hugs)) Hope you are feeling better this morning and your worries went away with the light of day.

I had to battle the 3am boogey man so frequently during CA treatment. I think it was the fact that everyone was asleep and so I felt more alone then. If they come back tonight, try watching a funny series (binge watch), or watching a funny movie! It really helps distract you. Hope you have a better day today!