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Nancy Geoghegan
on 1/11/18 9:49 am - Lincoln University, PA
RNY on 01/23/18

Hi All. I just signed my consent forma at the surgeon's office. I am having gastric bypass surgery and the surgeon said that if there were adhesions or scar tissue where I had my lap and removed 3 years ago he would do the gastric sleeve instead.
Yikes. Did anyone here have to sign a consent like that or did it actually happen to anyone here?

Nancy Geoghegan

Insert Fitness
on 1/11/18 10:52 am

I signed the consent for both. but i ended up still getting my RNY. Good luck, and congrats on your upcoming surgery!

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on 1/11/18 11:19 am
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Consent forms xan have options. Other options are often doing nothing if they run into issues, or doing surgery open rather than laparoscic if it's necessary.

Because of the scarring the band can cause, most surgeons find it easier to do RNY rather than a sleeve. RNY can avoid the scarred area entirely, where the sleeve has to go through the scars.

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on 1/11/18 1:41 pm

I had to sign a consent that my surgeon could switch to the sleeve if he needed to while he was "in there" (his words, lol). I refused to sign the consent for open surgery; I said if I couldn't have laparoscopic surgery I didn't want it done at all, and he was OK with that. I was terrified of open surgery. I think it's pretty common to have to sign.

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on 1/11/18 3:02 pm - Brighton, IL

Yes this is standard procedure. Medical staff don't want to have to wake you from anesthesia to get your permission if there are issues. No need to worry.



on 1/11/18 3:59 pm

Pretty standard. I have never had surgery or any health problems and I still had to sign consent for them to do sleeve if they had to.

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