Beginning to have a hard time

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RNY on 08/07/17

Finding food to eat lately has been extremely hard for me. I can eat chicken, and different types of salads. (like green leafy salads, iceberg, coleslaw type (minus the slaw sauce) and I can eat a little cheese and those tuna packets. Outside of these things I'm mentioning, I find I get extremely sick to my stomach, hot flashes like you would not believe, light headed, sometimes even to the point of vomiting (sorry for this if it's TMI)

I don't mind being limited on food, but I can't even eat eggs. Other meats like hamburger are a no go for me (even steak makes me sick) I have done better with canned pork (the kind you can get from commodities) but I have to be careful how much I eat. I'm at a loss on what other foods I can hopefully try and not get sick on. I've talked to my nutritionist but she was no help. She just wanted me to do protein drinks, but they give me such bad gas it's ridiculous.

I guess I'm just frustrated at the moment. I'm still loosing weight which is great, but having only chicken and salads is getting really old right now. It's worse when there are some days I can't even eat chicken. Also, I don't eat any fruit neither canned nor fresh (too much sugar for me I guess because once again I get sick) So if anyone has any suggestions on foods to try please send them my way. I really, REALLY want at least a little difference in what I eat.

(edit) Forgot to add that I am 7 months post op or will be on March 7th.

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RNY on 02/26/18

Have you tried other types of veggies, there isn't a lot of nutrients in salad. Have you tried other types of fish? Just suggestions I'm still on the extremely limited "full fluids" which in my case are more limited as I'm having issues with the sweetness/taste of Premier Protein shakes and so it's soup, yoghurt w/Protein and some apple sauce. It's been almost a week and I'm having dreams of eggs, tuna and chicken.

Hopefully you can find some other things to eat, sounds like you're really sensitive to carbs/sugar.

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RNY on 02/26/18

Have you been in the world according to egg face blog? She has a million recipes, thinking you might find ways to do up the things you can eat there. If you use the full website tab and then search like chicken or something I'm sure you'll get a ton of options. You can substitute what you can't have or leave out. Happy searching!

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RNY on 04/28/15

What about fish? How's that been for you? What parts of chicken can you eat? Breast, leg, wing? Is turkey an option? Lunch meats?

When your options are limited, belonging creative and how you prepare it is key. What about soups?

I'd be concerned about getting sick to your stomach still at the point you are now. Have your talked to the doc about it? Did you ever have a stricture?

Also sound like you dump/are dealing with RH. You likely k ow what to avoid to fend off those symptoms.

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CJ On Orcas
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RNY on 09/09/16

I went through a period where most dense protein made me sick to my stomach. Keep trying. Meanwhile, what about cottage cheese? Greek yogurt? Cheese? I used a lot of protein powder, not just shakes. Unjury has a chicken beoth protein powder. Syntrax has one called fuzzy navel that i love with kefir like an orange julius. I added protein powder to greek yogurt. I gradually learned to like eggs again, and now one of my favorite foods is beef jerky, although that took a while. Just keep trying different meats, and keep them very wet. Use sauce, or gravy and never eat any meat that is dry. Deli meat is usually easier to tolerate. Some can tolerate shrimp and other shellfish, although I could not.

It does get better. Hang in there.

CJ On Orcas
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RNY on 09/09/16

Also, I found that rarer meats were easier for me to tolerate. A very rare piece of steak (very rare) was much easier for me to get down. Same with fish.

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Premier Protein is very gassy compared to the powdered Whey Protein. Have you tried the powder type? I love the optimum nutrition rich chocolate that you can buy in the vitamin shoppe. I combine with a half a scoop of Synergy Matrix Chocolate Mint Cookie or the Synergy Matrix Peanut butter Cookie. These 2 I buy from vitacost online. Recommended by someone here and loving them. Delicious and no gas from these. Also not sickening sweet. I add to blender with some ice. Sometimes I take a Oikkos yogurt and put a little bit of the PB Cookie protein powder to up the protein and makes it very tasty.

I eat a lot of Chili ... early out when I could eat food and still now all these years out. have you tried that? With meat or not? ( I make it with the McCormick chili packets) Also ricotta cheese bake with marinara sauce, little bit of mottzarella and teaspoon of Parmesan Cheese... I add some ground beef to my marinara but sounds like you are not tolerating well. Have you tried it different ways in chili it gets broken down more. Maybe better luck this way.

cold cuts like turkey rolled up with a little bit of dressing (tablespoon) like 1000 Island.

I also liked refried beans with melted cheese on top.

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on 3/4/18 2:56 pm

If you have a crock pot use it. It makes the meat moist most of the time.

Eating veggies can still bother me.

If I eat too fast and not pay attention to how long I chew. Meaning eating in the car. Which I try never to do. But sometimes when traveling it is not an option to stop.

Chili in the crock pot.

It gets easier.

on 3/4/18 3:35 pm

Crock pot is great! I remember early out a recipe that was a pack of chicken breast like 1.5 pounds or so, jar of salsa and I believe 30 min before done throw in large square pack of cream cheese (solid square type) ... becomes a tasty shredded chicken meal. I will now have to make this again soon!!

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RNY on 08/07/17

Thank you everyone for the suggestions. I am going to be trying everyone's' suggestions and see how it goes. I can in fact eat cottage cheese, but like normal cheese I have to limit it to just a little bit at a time. 1/4 cup and that's it. I drink quite a lot throughout the day, water and decaf coffee for the win on that aspect.

I don't feel like I have the symptoms that I've read on strictures. I don't really get the foamies unless I have either eaten too much at one time, took too big of a bite, or didn't properly chew my food. I don't feel like my food isn't going down... in fact I can actually feel my food go down quite well. What is odd is, when I eat something, I know within 2-5 min if I can eat it. If I can, it goes down without an issue... if I can't eat it, within this time frame I start getting hot flashes, and then the lightheadedness comes, followed by nausea and then sometimes getting sick if I was unlucky enough to eat one to many bites.

But I will try all these suggestions and see how it goes. Thank you all!

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