Have you dumped? Tell us about it.

on 11/9/18 5:16 pm

If you've dumped then this post is for you. Please tell us what you ate that you think caused it, how your body responded, what symptoms you had, what you had to go through, and how often this happens. Thanks!

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on 11/9/18 6:34 pm
RNY on 02/15/18

I made a very stupid choice at only 6 weeks out to have a few bites of ice cream out with friends. I just wanted to pretend I was normal I guess. 10 minutes later I was starting to sweat, having what felt like a hot flash, and I was nauseous as all get out, but couldn't actually get sick. It lasted for about 45 minutes. I have very rarely had more than a taste of anything sugary since, for fear of experiencing that again. A couple of weekends ago I had a s'more at A campfire and was absolutely fine--but I seem to have lost my sweet tooth as I didn't even want to fini**** Not because I got sick but because it just didn't taste as good as I'd imagined it would. Like it didn't live up to my expectations. Last weekend I made the poor assumption that a mug of hot apple cider would probably be ok, and I didn't even finish the mug before I started sweating and hot flashing. Pretty much the same symptoms as before.

My conclusion is that liquid-ish sugar stuff probably hits the system faster giving me dumping, but I don't eperiment enough to test the boundaries and don't really ever intend to. I wasn't much of a sweets person to begin with, so I don't really ever think about missing "out" on things like ice cream.

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on 11/9/18 7:25 pm

I had Halloween candies and chips as a mid morning 'snack' (the devil got me) and I started getting cramps. Then I had to run to the toilet and had diarrhea. As I was doing that deed I felt the urge to vomit simultaneously, but didn't. Then I started shaking a bit and finally I had the weirdest thing happen- I started salivating ALOT. I just kept swallowing it, but it was so weird. Then when the diarrhea and vomit feeling ended, so did the salivating.

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on 11/10/18 10:03 am

That excessive salvation is what we refer to as "the foamies". Along with nausea, it is a precursor to actual vomiting for many of us, though it can occur without being followed by a vomiting episode.

on 11/12/18 9:50 am
VSG on 10/10/18

Hypersalvation and Foamies IMO are two very different things. I would get hypersalvation well before I ever had surgery. It would happen anytime I was nauseous (with or without food). Foamies I have only experienced since surgery, which feels like foamy spit that has come up from my stomach (it's never from my mouth) and that happens only when I have consumed too much of something OR when something is stuck. The salvation she is talking about, is usually very very thin watery salvia that pulls from your mouth (not your stomach) and it fills our mouth really quickly and doesn't stop until the nausea passes (or you vomit).

on 11/12/18 10:05 pm

I was told that that the hypersalivation you describe above as filling your mouth very quickly is the foamies. The other reaction you describe is not something I've experienced, but I have definitely experienced that crazily excessive mouth salivation, as have others I have spoken with. I suppose that it's possible that I may have been told this was the foamies incorrectly, but that was my information.

on 11/13/18 6:50 am
VSG on 10/10/18

I think of foamies as foam. It's foamy (bubbly) like spit that comes up my throat. There is also slimies which is slimy spit that comes up my throat. But what I have experienced (like above) is a pool of thin watery saliva that fills my mouth. It's not surgery related it's just a reaction your body makes when one is nauseous and at times about to vomit. The other two are typically as far as I know only seen when people have some sort of stomach surgery.

on 11/11/18 5:09 am
RNY on 07/23/14

The foamies occurs when you have food stuck. It is your body's way of producing mucous and trying to move things along. It rarely happens after the beginning stages...Small bites, chew well and make sure your food isn't dry... a little sauce or condiment is ok to make it go down.

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H.A.L.A B.
on 11/10/18 7:55 am, edited 11/9/18 11:55 pm

Dumping can be bad. A year post op RNY was the worst dumping I ever had. In a lasts few years, if I eat something with too much carbs, and "too much" is relative, my dumping could be mild considering what I was dealing with in year 2 and 3, but what happens next is even worse. RH - Reactive Hypoglycemia. I take dumping, even the bad one I had in year 2 and 3 over RH anytime. My RH could be so bad that when it starts, I may have a hard time to normalize my BS, to keep it bove 50-60. I hate RH with passion. Dumping no longer is my deterant to not to eat carbs, RH is.

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on 11/10/18 4:16 pm

Oh no- sorry to hear this. Can you explain in detail what happens with RH and how you feel/ deal with it? Am I destined to get it? Will most of us get it? I'm kind of getting that bad dumping lately and I'm a year post op. I am terrified of getting this RH!

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