Dr or nurse HELP - Upper GI - Please help me translate these results!!

on 2/9/19 4:53 am

Hi everyone, I had an upper GI completed yesterday and the results have been emailed to me. I'm impatient and don't want to wait until a weekday when my doctor gets a chance to read it and tell me the results. Can you help me understand what the results are? Is everything still normal or has something changed/stretched etc? I feel like I'm able to eat a lot without getting full and I've been gaining weight which was the reason for the test. My surgery was done on 10/2008.

Impression: changes of gastric bypass surgery in the left upper quadrant. There is no structuring at the gastrojejunostomy. There was mild dilation of the gastric pouch.

Discussion: There are changes of gastric bypass surgery with barium opacifying the gastric pouch and promptly passing through the gastrojujenostomy into nondilated loops of jejunum. There was no opicification of the distal stomach. Note is made of mild dilation of gastric pouch. There was passage of barium through the jejunostomy.

Kathy S.
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Hi Laura,

May I suggest you wait for your doctor to read the test. None of us here have a medical degree and would not be able to interrupt test results.

Hang in there And let us know what your surgeon/doctor says?

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