For ansious people - Mental Health and Cirurgy

on 4/15/19 7:31 am, edited 4/15/19 7:38 am

Hey! You dont alone in your mental health jorney after RNY!

My history

I performed RNY on 04/23/2018, with Diabetis Tipe II, hypertension and steatohepatitis. I'm near to complete a year of surgery. In the postoperative period, I had to wait six months to perform cardiac ablation. It was very difficult to know that my body was fragile for the heart procedure when I had made the RNY for my health. I had to get away from work when I would leave one job for another with better opportunities. In my country the unemployment rate is very high. I need to live with me intimately. Without fat, without immediate future plans, I found myself very lonely. I'm recovering. I know I've lost chances. I know I made the RNY decision. In the gap betwen thwo cirurgies I had research compulsivaly about late complications of RNY and I have now panic disease and postraumatic desorder.

Tipe 1 - Filter informations

I want to give an important suggestion to the mental health of anxious people like me or who have had problems: to filter the information. Stay well if you have not heard of any information on the preop. You will have to focus on the present and the future. Many people will not understand their fears, anguish or even guilt. Do not give up on life. Believing in feelings, trying to differentiate catastrophic anxious thoughts from reality, from your reality. Know that you are not alone and are not shamed to ask for help, to seek professional help. Maybe you have to face prejudice again, but you probably faced prejudice before while your major obesity.

Focus in important and positive informations!

Take care of your mental health. Do not be embarrassed. You will be able to overcome this challenge in your time.

English dont is my native language.