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This forum has helped me a lot. I am in psychological and psychiatric accompaniment. After doing the surgery, I have known the many irreversible complications that can happen. I feel scared. Fear better and again I fall. Fear of having

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Every day I wake up and I regret the surgery. This thought brings me a sadness and willingness to hear if anyone here lived it after 9 months after the surgery. It can no longer be the buyer's regret for time. Does anyone know an eight

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Hello everyone,

Good afternoon I would like to know what anti-allergies medicines are recommended after the bypass. Are there restrictions? thank you so much.

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I'm brazilian and had an gastric bypass surgery in 04/2018. I'm fell so bad and sad. I see the nutritional complications, hernias, and other problems that I may have and I regret it. I would like to hear encouraging testimonia

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What antiinflamatories drugs are recomendable after gastric bypass? 


Thanks so much

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