on 1/23/20 12:22 pm - TX
VSG on 08/29/12

Hi Everyone! I haven't been on in years. I am needing some suggestions and input. I am currently taking anti-depressants and have been for many years. I am currently taking Lexapro for over 7 years. I have had lots of life changes since that medication started and also some changes physically. I started with the Sleeve and was rerouted to a bypass in 2017. I have also have a partial hysterctomy and I am 47. Well long story short major life changes (losing mom, moving to new area, buying a new house,etc) I am a hot mess emotionally. I cry all the time and feel lost and empty. I have seen a psychiatrist and they are wanting to change my meds. I am concerned about absorption with the bariatric surgery. What have yall found that works and doesn't work.. I am scared to switch not knowing how I will react. Thanks for your help!

on 1/23/20 4:42 pm - Grain Valley, MO

I take meds for anxiety and have for years before I even thought about WLS. I started with Lexapro but changed to other meds as after awhile the meds don't work as well. Now I take Zoloft. I get my meds thru my PCP. WLS did not affect my anxiety meds.


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The Salty Hag
on 1/23/20 5:15 pm
RNY on 05/20/13

I take Wellbutrin SR. I take it twice a day. I've been on Wellbutrin in one form or another for over 10 years. I started off on the XL.

After my RNY, I had to switch to the SR, sustained release, from the XL. I also had to get my dosage upped a few years ago.

It seems to be working because I'm not in

I woke up in between a memory and a dream...

Tom Petty

H.A.L.A B.
on 1/24/20 8:42 am

I was on Lexapro for app 10 years, on and off... I even had it raised to 20 mg, but it was not cutting for me. Pains I deal with, that most likely is fibromyalgia, plus getting anxiety attacks and being a hot mess while on Lexapro, prompted my doc to switch me to Cymbalta. I am on 60 mg, once a day. I tapered it from 30 to 60. It works beautifully on my anxiety. But it did not do much for my depression like state, I felt numb, not caring about anything, some days even not dressing up or taking a shower. That was not cool, and my doc put me back on 5-10 mg of lexapro, taken daily with addition to the Cymbalta. I take cymbalta in the morning, Lexapro 5-10 mg at night,. How much lexapro I take depends on what day I had and how I felt.

I this our bodies may get used to a medication and it may stop being very effective. One of my major issues with Lexapro, I was craving alcohol, and I was drinking too much to help me deal with the emotions. Now, I can have a drink or not. Most for the times I don't want a drink.

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VSG on 08/29/12

Thank you everyone! I am waiting on my dr appointment next week to see what meds they recommend. I just can't keep going on like this. It is affecting my life in many aspects. Work is not getting done at the office, my mind won't stop with the negative thoughts, sadness feels me most days and when I start to feel a little help I feel guilty for those feelings. This is not fun. I hate my kids are seeing me like this. I am currently in counseling and just try to tell myself positive things when I do complete something. Lets hope and pray this ends soon.