Hiatal Hernia after RNY

Tonya S.
on 10/18/20 5:08 pm

Hey- it's been a long time since I've been logged on here. I had RNY in 2010, and then a wicked bowel obstruction in 2015 that was caused by scaring from the RNY. I'm just the lucky one with all the rare and unpleasant drama. Fast forward to the current day-I had the same pain from 5 years ago, but worse. I was sleeping and woke up in horrible pain in my back, it went to the front followed by sweating, nausea then dry heaving. There were two cycles of this. I called the surgeon, asked for an upper GI. I had that done last week and to my surprise, there is no obstruction. I do have a hiatal hernia.

Have any of you had a hiatal hernia this many years post-op? How did they treat it? I've had so much trouble from this surgery, I dont want surgery again. I'm trying to stay calm, but I had the RNY, then two surgeries to fix the obstruction and now this. Thoughts?

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White Dove
on 10/19/20 8:35 pm

I am sorry you are having this problem. Some people get surgery, some go on medicines, some try alternate therapy. Discuss with your doctor and see what they recommend.

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on 10/26/20 1:33 pm

I have had gallbladder removal,2 hernias and baretts metaplasia. As I type this I have Just returned from hospital I had a hernia (again) bowel, I have over 20 staples from my ribs going right down the centre of my stomach, they tried going through my belly button, but the repair was not possible so more scar tissue. The weight loss surgery was incredible for me, I was at goal 3 months after having gastric bypass.

on 10/20/20 6:16 am, edited 10/19/20 11:16 pm

White Dove is spot on.

Damn it, everything I type is just rewording White Dove.

Good luck,


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