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on 5/21/22 11:57 am
Topic: RE: THC question

So, I am not a habitual THC user. I only use edibles every so often for stress. I got the call to schedule surgery Wednesday, and have surgery officially scheduled for June 2 with preop anesthesia testing (including a nicotine and drug test) this Tuesday. It dawned on me I used a delta-8 gummy last weekend and now I'm freaking out a little. Any one have experience with this? I'm worried I won't pass and that surgery will be canceled. I have been upfront with my surgeon about my occasional use, and they didn't seem concerned with it when I discussed with them a couple of months ago during my first appointment. I am still worried, and have sent a message to the office, however with it being the weekend I won't hear anything until Monday. Help?

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