on 5/6/11 3:10 am

Don't laugh...what's a NSV?  I'm a newbie!

on 5/6/11 3:11 am
Non scale victory!


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sleeve genie
on 5/6/11 3:24 am - Alhambra, CA
all the great changes and gifts along the way that are not related to a number on the scale.   Getting off meds,   being able to lift my leg and wash my foot was a big one for me,  due to arthritis i couldn't lift my leg to wash my foot and had to use a long handled brush,  now i can lift my foot.   Both my favorite nsvs.   You'll have lots of them along this journey  :o) jeani
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on 5/6/11 6:28 am
Thanks all...I tried for quite a while to figure out that acronym, and could not put my finger on it.  That makes total sense!
on 5/6/11 12:30 pm - IL
Thanks for asking that!!
I am kinda new too and always wondered.
Ur surgery was 1 day before mine. Hope ur doing well.
Take care

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on 5/8/11 9:29 am - Fort Washington, MD

Thanks for posting, I was wondering the same thing!! Good luck.

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