One Year Out From Sleeve Surgery - Is This Typical?

on 5/3/24 3:28 pm


So I am one year out from sleeve surgery and I am just curious if what I am experiencing is normal.

I seem to have more tolerance now for foods and don't get the foamy mouth like I used to if I ate or drank too much. Granted I am not trying to push myself to try to trigger the "foamies", but I sort of liked that I had that feeling to stop eating or I may throw up. It was like added assistance for me to maintain things.

I am just wondering if I am at that crossroads now - where some people start gaining the weight back because the stomach has now adapted (I know the stomach doesn't stretch back to what it was) and having more tolerance now for foods - people can fall back into their old patterns if they are not careful.

I am still losing weight slowly, but that is of course better than gaining weight back slowly.

I am so happy that I had the surgery and I wish I did it 10 years ago, but I am curious to hear feedback from other people when they were at their one year mark.



on 5/4/24 8:40 am
RNY on 08/21/12

Things do change by about the one year mark. We can certainly eat more. And after watching everything we eat, closely, for a year, diet fatigue sets in.

There is usually some underlying reason why we became obese, and that often goes unaddressed -- at least in part. And obesity is usually many years of bad decisions and habits. And that doesn't just go away after one year of doing really well.

This is hard. Really hard. It is literally a daily battle. I have some awful eating days. The trick is to not let a day or two become 10 or a hundred.

My hardest days were several years in. It took a while to really get control again. It's hard. The surgery is still there to help. But after a year it becomes more about you, and less about the surgery. You can have the smallest stomach in the world and still gain weight.

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