I KNOW ASKED a Zillion times!!!!!!

on 3/2/12 12:02 am - annapolis county, Canada
How do you upload your photo here?? I have them on my profile but would like to put them here for all to see. 

susan palmer    
highest weight 280 current weight 186

on 3/2/12 12:25 am
VSG on 04/23/12
 I downloaded them to my PC and then went into My OH, Photos, on the right side click add Album, Name it then it will give you a album pop up box, click on Upload, then select from where you have it saved on your PC.  Thats how I do it I know its another way but cant think of it.  Hope that helps.


(VSG)  HW, 346 SW, 341 CW 176.2 GW, 165  kiss

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