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on 12/17/12 9:59 pm
VSG on 12/05/12

I am newly sleeved 2 weeks.Can anyone share what they eat on a typical day?


on 12/17/12 10:24 pm

on only 2weeks out  your still on puraide foods    chillie worked the best for me   jus****ch the fiber  (turkey ) eggs   chewed real good  tune fish with low fat mayo chicken  was hard to do  being very dry  im 2 months post op  and some food are still hard to eat    but chile  was my main  food and still is   it has three diff protiens    .also meatloaf (turkey)  lean meat ...

on 12/17/12 10:38 pm

2 weeks post op I ate cream of wheat, malt o meal,yogurts,jello.cream soups blended and strained. Wven had Olive Garden potato soup which I put through the blender and strained. Beef and chicken broth.Decaf teas and coffee, Suat free juices,sugar free puddings popsicles.  Suppose to have 2 protein shakes a day but right now they make me gag,  Trying to find another protein avenue.  MMM think I'll make some pudding for lunch

on 12/17/12 10:34 pm - McDonough, GA
VSG on 10/03/12

At 2 weeks I was still drinking protein shakes and eating strained creamed soups. Each dr is different. At 3 weeks when I moved to pureed I was eating about every 3 hrs, either a few ounces of protein shake or yogurt or cottage cheese or creamed soups, mashed potatoes (I bought instant and then never prepared them), baby food (I didn't like), refried beans mashed up really well. Weigh and measure everything and stay within your drs plan.

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on 12/18/12 1:07 am
VSG on 12/05/12

Thanks for all the replies.That's about what I'm eating turkey with broth,posicles those are the best,SF jello,pudding.portein shakes ,egg,chicken doesn't do to well