Little over a year out

on 1/17/13 12:42 am - annapolis county, Canada

 I have not been on here in awhile ( no computer). I was 1 year out on dec 2nd I have lost a total of 91 lbs was hoping for 100lb at 1yr but not beating myself up. The surgery was the best thing i ever did for me.My goal is still 29 lb away and i am determined to be there by spring. Have gone from a size 26 jean to a 14 still a little shocked over that and from a 3x uniform top to a lg.YAA.I am very happy with myself and how i feel. I have so much more energy and get out there and do so much more. I will be posting updated photos soon. I cut my hair off to shoulder length first time short in 26 years sooo many changes.

susan palmer    
highest weight 280 current weight 186

on 1/17/13 12:52 am - Kingston, NS, Canada

Yahoo, way to go! You can do it! Trust me the last few lbs to goal are the hardest but they are worth it. Still battling my last 5lbs.



on 1/17/13 2:07 am
VSG on 04/27/12

Wow--you're an inspiration! Keep rockin that sleeve. You'll get there!

[I'm not gaining weight. I keep lowering my goal!] [I LOVE MY SLEEVE!]


on 1/17/13 10:12 pm

Way to work your sleeve, congrats!   Keep up the good work and you will be at goal before you know it!



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