Weight Loss Surgery jargon

Ginah Clark
on 2/22/13 11:42 am


Hi everyone, 


I posted this in another forum but I wanted to get as much input as I can. I was wondering if there has been a list made of Weight loss acronyms yet. If not, I'd like to start them and add on those quirky words that give new meaning to those on their journey... words like onederland, and losers bench. 


on 2/22/13 12:21 pm
VSG on 09/17/12

Do a search for acronyms and you will find heaps of threads 

Suzy wink (Age: 41, Height: 6'1,  SW: 169.4kg/372lb.  CW: 80.5kg/177lb.  Total lost: 88.9kg/195lbs)





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