In 6 days I'm sleeved!

Ginah Clark
on 4/22/13 11:52 pm

Wow, I NEVER thought this day would come. I have so many mixed emotions going through me. I bet that it won't hit me until I am in the hospital. I am sort of scared of going under.... I have never had that done before.  

How long is a typical sleeve surgery?


A. Robinson
on 4/23/13 12:21 am - Columbia, TN
VSG on 04/29/13

My surgeon told me about an hour. Im having surgery on the 29th and SOOOO excited. Are you on your 2 wk liquid diet?

on 4/23/13 1:02 am - Bremerton, WA
I was the same. I got sleeved at the age of 23 and was terrified. It took my doctor around 2 hours because my liver didn't shrink as much as he would have liked from my pre-op diet, so he had to do a couple more incisions (for camera angles) and it took a little longer but everything went great!

Make sure ti take plenty of pictures! A few years from now you won't even recognise yourself!
Ginah Clark
on 4/23/13 3:11 am

Yeah I am on a liquid diet. 2 shakes a day for BF and Lunch, then a Lean Cuisine or Healthy choice dinner around 350-400 cals with a small salad. 


This Sat and Sun I start my clear liquid diet. I have so much broth, jello and ice pops ready. LOL


I am hoping my liver shrinks down enough. I don't feel it so much as I used to so maybe that is good news.  :)


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