pre-op diet and retaining water...

on 12/9/13 11:03 pm

I've been on my pre-op for a week.  I jumped on the scales today and I've gained a pound.  I noticed that my ankles are puffy so I'm clearly retaining water.  Do this mean that I'm not getting in enough liquids to flush things out or what?

on 12/9/13 11:27 pm - VA

Not sure it really means anything.  Weight from day to day can fluctuate for a variety of reasons, many of them totally meaningless.  The bottom line is follow the pre-op diet and everything will go fine.

Later, after you get through the post surgery diet restrictions, and get back on solid foods, there a phrase to remember "water pushes water".  It basically translates to drink lots of water each day to keep the mechanism running.  The general suggestion is 100 ounces, but that's for after you clear the first 4-6 weeks post op.

Right now I just wouldn't be overly concerned with temporary gains or water retention.

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on 12/10/13 12:38 am

I wouldn't be concerned.  You're body is a bit of shock because of what you're doing on your pre-op diet.  Make sure you're drinking enough fluids - my doc wanted 64 ounces a day minimum on my pre-op diet.

Good luck!

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on 12/10/13 4:01 am
VSG on 10/30/13

If you are drinking broth, get the No Sodium broth. It tastes kind of metallic (at least to me it did), but I spiced it up with a little bit of red pepper. It was available at my local grocery store.  Once I cut way back on the salt I pee'd like a race horse and the water weight came off. Also, as noted above, drink at least 64oz of water..more is better but at the minimum do the 64.






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