Back - AGAIN - 14+ years post-op

on 4/3/24 9:28 am

Hi all! Boy, everything's changed since the last time I visited here...and that's been oh, 6-ish years? At least. Still looking for familiar names. We used to keep this board hopping constantly!

Anyhooooo...Long story shortish, I maintained my weight loss for a couple of years, and slowly let the sugar monster back in--not even being aware at the time that there WAS such a thing and that it 100% my biggest issue. Lots has been learned since then! I've been up and sort of down, up and sort of I am again at 220 (172 was my maintenance weight). And right back to the pre-op days, I have tried E-VER-Y-THING to bring my post-sleeve self back again and just...well, you know how it goes.

Currently, I'm giving serious thought into looking into a revision. Do they even re-sleeve? I don't want to DS or a RNY. Just my sleeve tightened back up. I started checking around this morning and my surgeon has retired.

I'm in Michigan, and my surgeon was Mark Pleatman. I was also self-pay, and the total cost was a little over $12,000, if I remember right. I know it's a longshot, but did anyone else have Pleatman, find a good replacement, and have a revision? OR, self-pay for a re-sleeve anywhere? I'm wondering about cost as much as anything. I know insurance won't cover it.

TIA! :)

White Dove
on 4/4/24 12:41 pm - Warren, OH

Revisions do not normally work. To lose the weight again you have to eat less than you burn. I highly recommend Weigh****chers book The Shift. My lowest weight after surgery in 2007 was 128. Today I was 129. It took three years of daily WW meetings online and learning a new way to eat.

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on 4/5/24 3:45 pm
RNY on 08/21/12

Welcome back. They can do revisions to sleeves, but that depends on if there is actually anything that needs revising. The first step is to find a surgeon and get a thorough exam and scans, and see if anything is wrong. There's no point in getting ahead of yourself. Enough time has passed that a full bariatric checkup is advisable anyway.

Most VSG revisions are to RNY. I wouldn't rule it out.

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on 4/14/24 4:34 am

Hello Stacy!!

I think I was meant to find your post. Sugar is the devil!! I no longer live in Michigan, but my surgeon was Mark Pleatman also. I do remember it being around 12k out of pocket. I had a VSG in 2011, my original weight was 345. (I'm around 5'9") currently 220, which is about 30 pounds over my goal weight of 193 (which I did achieve!). I think being over 40 and perimenopausal has a lot to do with that - but that's a story for another day lol. I have seen a lot success stories for many VSGers who have had revisions. Perhaps for gastric bypass patients there is less success(?) but there are a lot of VSGers on here that have had revisions. I am not in that number, but please dont be discouraged!

Dr. Pleatman was great and no nonsense. I really appreciated his straight forwardness and candor. Keep us posted!

on 4/14/24 10:48 am - CA

I tend to agree with White dove in that revisions don't have a great record on regain problems, as if one learns to eat around the original surgery, one can do it again. The RNY is done sometimes to correct GERD problems that some have with the VSG, but doesn't do much for regain as it is metabolically too similar. The DS is better as it is metabolically stronger, and a straightforward revision (some would say "completion") for the VSG as it starts out with the VSG as its basis, but you say that you don't want to go that far. Fair enough - it's an individual decision and not eveyone is cut out for a DS, or an RNY.

Resleeves can be done, if that is the problem, but can be tricky for some surgeons who aren't fully sleeve savvy. Someone to consult in MI (Grand Rapids area, if that's anywhere close to you,) is Paul Kemmeter. He is one of the old school DS surgeons, which means that he also is an old school sleeve surgeon. Like you, I had my VSG done in the early days when many surgeons were just learning it and there was a fair number of failures and early revisions back then, but my doc was also one of those old school DS surgeons who had been doing sleeves for around twenty years at that time, so well up the learning curve.

I don't know Kemmeter other than by reputation (the DS world is a small one,) but he would likely be able to give you good advice on how to correct your sleeve if it needs it, or go to a DS or SADI if that is more appropriate and you want to go there.

First thing to do, though, is to get that sugar monster back in its cage and get the diet squared away. Even if that doesn't yield substantial weight loss, it is an essential first step to whatever route you ultimately take. There seems to be a growing consensus in the bariatric world that the new class of diabetes/weight loss drugs are a particularly good fit for bariatric post ops who are struggling, so that may be something to consider as well.

Good luck in it all,

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