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on 6/18/16 1:12 pm - Houston, TX

Hi all! I haven't been on these forums in years. I had a  roux n y gastric bypass in 2007 and never quite got to my goal weight but I was happy. I am 5 foot 6 and weighed 152 at my lowest. Since then I have had 2 kids and am currently pregnant with number 3. After my second I never got back down to my pre pregnancy weight and then got pregnant again. I'm currently 192 and so scared to go over 200 pounds. Before I got pregnant I was thinking about possibly needing a revision surgery because I can eat whatever I want, I think things have stretched out so much I can eat like a normal person and have been able to for a long time. The problem is now I feel hungry ALL THE TIME because nothing seems to hang around for long. I'm not sure where to go from here but I wanted to research and have a plan after I give birth this fall. Does anyone have any advice? I don't even know what kinda of revision surgeries there are.  Thanks in Advance :) 

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on 6/20/16 2:49 pm - Shoshone, ID

I would strongly suggest you research revising to a DS. It incorporates the sleeve (helps you lose the weight) and an intestinal rerouting (helps you keep it off long-term). Many, many, many, many, MANY failed RNYers revise to DS. I had my DS over 10 years ago; best decision I ever made! Check out and for more information, as well as the DS board here in OH and DS groups in FB. The DS is a serious surgery, and you must be committed to appropriate vitamin supplementation for the rest of your life, as well as a high protein, high fat, low- to lowish-carb eating lifestyle. Good thing is there is no pouch and no "pouch rules" -- you can drink with meals, etc. If you can't commit to the vitamin requirements of a DS, then a sleeve is your next best bet. Good luck!

Amanda in ID
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on 6/21/16 7:50 am - Schaumburg, IL

I just happened to see your post! I had RNY in 2005 and like you, never got down to a goal weight but still lost 120lbs. Time goes on and I gained 20+ lbs back. I was experiencing no restriction. My doctor recommended the Apollo Overstitch and I had it April 7. Since then I've lost 30+ lbs and have restriction again!!!! It's an endoscopic procedure and very easy, in fact it's hard to fathom that you had anything done because you don't feel like you had surgery! The way my surgeon described it is that we need a tune-up for our dilated stoma. It's been like a rebirth for me and I couldn't be happier. Google Apollo Overstitch and watch the animation. I highly recommend it!

Good luck to you!


andrea may 05
on 8/19/16 12:22 pm - Sun Valley, NV

Was this covered by your health insurance?  I don't think my pouch has stretched but I do believe I could use a stoma stitch.  Was this done by the surgeon who did your RNY?


on 8/22/16 7:21 am - Schaumburg, IL


Yes and Yes :-)  My insurance covered it but I had to go through the 6 months of documenting my weight with my primary care physician. My surgeon who performed my RNY was the one *****commended it to me! He did an endoscopy first to see if I was a candidate and they after all was documented, we did the procedure. It's been wonderful! I've lost 42 lbs now and am 13 lbs lower that my lowest. I did go to the nutritionist and log all my food with Spark People.

I highly recommend it! Like my surgeon said, after we're out this long we need a tune up!

Good luck


T Hagalicious Rebel

on 6/26/16 2:27 pm - Brooklyn
VSG on 04/25/14 with

I think the first thing you need to do is get checked out by your Dr to make sure everything looks ok.

If you feel hungry all the time it could be either too much acid in which you'd need a ppi.

It could be too many carbs, for me too many carbs, especially the refined carbs leaves me hungry & craving more. You'd have to detox & it'll suck the first couple of days but it does get better.

You could be feeling "head hunger", this is probably one of the most difficult things to get thru. Therapy/support groups like OA might help & can help break the emotional attachment to food & give you strategies to deal with life stresses so that you don't turn to food.

You really need to look back at what's triggering you to eat & fall back on old habits. Making sure you have that handled can make you more prepared & successful for any revision surgery you want & you may find that you won't need it.

Check out the 5 day meat test in my signature. Julie created the site & it may be able to help you get back on track. Good Luck in whatever you choose to do.

No one surgery is better than the other, what works for one may not work for another. T-Rebel

Amy R.
on 7/5/16 8:05 pm

What T said and also -  you may have a stretched out stoma or some such.  Most of this stuff needs to be diagnosed by a doc; it's not something you would know without having a basic test or two done.

With three children I would stay far away from the DS or any revision surgeries unless you know exactly what is wrong and what needs to be fixed.  I had surgery about a year after you did and have had big regains (one 40+ pounds and one 50+ pounds).  Both times I've been able to get the weight back off and I now weigh less than I did at my lowest honeymoon weight.  So you absolutely can lose regain if there is nothing physically wrong with your pouch or stoma.  It does take time but it can be done, and you don't have to diet at all to do it.

I'm with T.  Maybe check out the 5 day meat test (as long as it's approved by your OB).  That should give you a feel for how we need to eat as post op RnY's. 

Good luck to you.  If you have any questions about exactly how I lost the regain let me know and I'll lay it out for  you.  Revisions in my  mind should be the very VERY last option on the table - especially for mommies of little ones.  All surgeries are serious business.

Take good care,




on 7/8/16 7:20 pm - Phoenix, AZ

I'm currently healing with a 50lb regain. I would love to hear what worked for you! Thanks!!

~ Nikki ~  Loving my rad new life!
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Back on track and hope to

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Amy R.
on 7/10/16 10:51 pm

I'm feeling pretty lazy tonight so I'm just copying the text from one of my prior "regain" posts.  My answer is still the same regardless.  And fortunately for me I've yet to have a third regain which I know is probably 99& attributable to continuing with the following so here you go:

"1) The number on the scale.  Resolve to yourself that you will not, under any cir****tances allow it to go higher.  Give yourself a couple of weeks at that number, to reassure yourself that yes, you can hold the line and you do know how to stop the gain.  Do whatever it takes. Stop the disappointment of stepping on the scale and seeing even a .2 pound gain.  You can do this.

2) Meat.  Protein. Non-starchy veggies.  The end.  That's what you feed your body until you are back where you want to be.  It's not forever, but it will take awhile and I actually think that's a good thing.  By the time you are back to goal you'll have truly integrated that way of eating.  No diets.  I don't count calories or proteins or carbs or anything.  (Other than sugars - because of severe dumping and RH.  But sugars won't be much of a part of your life while you are losing.)  I'm not dieting. I didn't go through surgery to spend my life dieting. I just eat differently now.

3) Fluid.  Get in as much as you can. I typically drink two to three liters of water a day.  That's on top of  my diet coke (yes, I drink it daily) and anything else I might drink.  It's imperative to flush out built up toxins and keep them flushed out.  You don't want a bunch of sludge in your body but if you're not drinking enough water I can guarantee you've got a lot of it.

4) Expect to lose slowly. About four or five pounds per month. It took awhile for you to re-gain 60 pounds.  Give yourself that long to lose it.  It sounds so desperately slow I know.  But slower is better.  As I said above, you're building in habits so that you won't be in this spot again.  We all know how to lose 30 pounds in month or whatever.  And we all know it takes only a week or two to come right back.  You are in this for the long term.  You will eat this way the rest of your life - with a little more wiggle room when you get to your goal.

5) So much of this is a head game.  We feel like since it's going to take a few months we will be in whatever size we are in right now, feeling horribly huge and discouraged,  until the whole  however many months are over.  We tell ourselves that it won't be until then that we feel and look better.  Wrong!  You will feel better  with every pound lost.  You will lose clothing sizes along with that horrible worthless feeling all throughout your journey.  Yes one day you will get on the scale and see the number you have been waiting for.  But things will just be getting better and better during the weeks or months or whatever leading up to that day.

6) Exercise if you want to.  Move your body every day even if you don't.  Not to earn extra calories to eat, or to burn extra calories.  Just because bodies need movement to avoid atrophy.  And because it feels good.  Walking is great and is all of the exercise I need to be successful.

So that is what I did.  Both times I've had to lose regain, that is how I've done it. Obviously I'm human because I had to learn the lesson twice and the second time was even more weight than the first!  Life happens and I don't think anyone here would deny that.  But we can change.  We can do hard things."

Hopefully this helps in some small way.   ~amy

on 7/28/16 6:10 pm - IL

I like this thanks...I am on it...


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