How are you successful at keeping your weight off?

Gail Engebretson
on 2/24/17 11:43 am - Seattle, WA

I'm curious for myself and for others that I coach and counsel - what do you attribute your continued success to? What are 3-5 habits you've set in place that have helped you remain successful at keeping your weight off?

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VSG on 01/19/15 with

By no means am I a veteran but 2 years out I weigh myself every day and 10-12k steps.  If scale goes up I cut carbs and increase exercise. So far so good.  

Age: 58 Height 5'4" SW: 260 (1/4/15) CW 127.4 7/6/17)

Gail Engebretson
on 2/26/17 11:06 am - Seattle, WA

Thanks Nick - I'd say that 2 years out counts as a veteran. Those are a couple great habits!

on 2/27/17 1:29 pm - Anahuac, TX

I am over 10 years out and I usually eat and drink what I want within reason.  I keep everything within moderation.  I can't really exercise due to bad knees but I do try to walk when I can.  I keep track of carbs and calories.  I keep an eye on portion sizes more than anything.  But most important and hardest of all is I stop eating when I am full.

Gail Engebretson
on 2/27/17 3:09 pm - Seattle, WA

Thanks Rainsmom! I totally agree with you on the moderation comment. And stopping when your full is such a good rule to follow - thanks for bringing it up because it's one of the basic rules we're taught at the beginning but easy to ignore after a time.

Cathy W.
on 3/2/17 6:13 am

I had RNY in 2001 and have had a couple of periods of weight regain. I've lost the majority of my regain by logging my food and setting a "budget" of macros that I stick to. Instead of focusing exclusively on calories and protein, I have a budget of 129g protein, 75g carbs and 50g fats. I am carb sensitive so sticking to 75g carbs each day has made a huge difference in being able to lose my regain.

on 3/9/17 12:08 pm

I had surgery in 2011, and did a great job of losing weight. However, in 2013, after a few job changes, I started slowly regaining. This got worse after we got a vacation place "up north" and started eating and drinking fun foods all weekend, all summer long. In August, 2016, I found myself 40 lbs over my goal weight. I joined WW with my DH and have really enjoyed the new program. I'm back at (under) my goal weight, and DH has 25 lbs to go (he has lost 60+ pounds, and hasn't been at his goal weight in almost 20 years!).

I really want to try to stick with the program for a long while, until I can make this healthier way of eating a habit. And, all I'm really doing is sticking to my WLS diet plan: protein, veggies, fruit. Try to limit carbs to almost nothing. If I eat my protein first (3 meals, 2-3 snacks), I get full fast and feel satisfied.

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Gail Engebretson
on 3/9/17 12:36 pm - Seattle, WA

Thanks vacationlover. I think you were very smart to go back to your WLS basic program. That's what's gotten me back on track time and time again. And with that as my basic "go to" I might gain a few lbs here and there but it's fairly easy to lose them again when I tighten up the way I follow the program. It's not always easy but it works as you've proven!

on 4/9/17 6:26 pm

I think weighing daily is number one. Helps me stay accountable and avoid denial. I have a plan of action if the scale starts increasing and an upper limit. Fortunately I haven't had to really worry about it but I figure it is easier to make some small changes to avoid major regain then it is to wait until it is 10 or 20 lbs and then work on it.

It is easier to work on correcting some bad choices than it is waiting until the bad choices become ingrained habits.

Also, always eating protein first. I allow myself to eat as much dense protein as I want and than other things if I still have room. After a few ounces of meat there isn't a lot of room for starchy carbs.

Also staying plugged into support daily helps me stay on track. If I neglect any of those steps I am heading down a bad path. I know what contributed to the failure of my first WLS and try to avoid those things as much as possible.

WLS 10/28/2002 Revision 7/23/2010

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I am 3 years out and for me - it is weighing myself every day. I have a high number I will not go above and also believe it or not, a low number I watch too (I have been underweight after losing 120lbs). On my plate is protein, veggies and then carbs. I eat the protein first, veggies and then stop for 10-20 mins. If I am still hungry - I go an eat a little bite of the carbs but that is rare because patience wise - I figure why wait and put the food away. I am only 3 years out but tell myself every day if I eat something that came from the earth as organically as possible - I feel fine. If I eat something that came from the snack aisle - it is going to hurt and I did not go through all of this for that!

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