Trouble Digesting 10 years out

on 3/4/17 9:51 pm - Las Cruces, NM
Hi , just wondering if anyone has had these issues way out from surgery. Just recently it seems my pouch ( had gastric bypass 2006) gets full very fast like only after a couple of bites fast. I also find that there are quite a few things now I can not tolerate like chicken , beef breads. I have been lucky it seems my pouch never stretched out like they say might happen but never heard of it tightening to the point that I become full extremely fast. Some things are causing me great pain in chest area and also makes me vomit. What is going on I am a bit scared. My primary Dr sent me to Gastroenterologist who did endoscopy found small ulcer treated with meds ( for two weeks) but I am still struggling. Anyone have this happen and can tell me what to do thanks

H.A.L.A B.
on 3/6/17 1:30 pm

YOU need to find a better doc.

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on 3/16/17 8:35 am

You're not alone. I had surgery 5 years ago. Last year I started to struggle with the same thing -- fullness after 2 bites, tightening of the chest, foamies. I, too, had an endoscopy and they found an ulcer. It took 9 months to cure the ulcer. The surgeon said it wasn't the ulcer causing the problem but that I had gone back to old habits of eating too fast and taking bites that were too large. I focused on that, but still have the problem. My nutritional doctor had me go back on liquids...for 12 weeks. It finally cured the ulcer and made life better but now that I'm back on trying to eat "real" food I'm struggling. A gastroenterologist suggested it was the acid reflux med I was taking and I should have the Bariatric practice change it Bariatric said no, that what I was taking was the best for gastric bypass patients. I'm sooooooo frustrated.

on 3/31/17 7:42 am - Columbia City, IN

I have this problem, too. I'm 8 years post RNY. I often feel like I need to burp and just can't. I get pain in my sternum and right jaw. (I've been seen by a cardiologist and my heart is fine.) I had my annual bariatric appointment with my surgeon this week and they suggested Digestzymes Digestive Enzymes - Design for Health brand. I'm to take one with each meal to help digest the food. I just started , so don't have much relief yet.

Endoscopy shows my pouch is 2-3 ounces in size. I have the most problem eating solid food (meat and veggies). I have days where I just do liquid protein, plain greek yogurt, cottage cheese etc - just so I don't feel so full, bloated and nauseated. I still get 80-100 grams of protein a day.

I also use Chewable super Payaya enzymes sometimes after I eat. When I start burping I usually have relief. If I have the foamies and wretching (not much actual vomiting) I have liquid/soft food for the next 24 hours.

I have small bites, chew, chew, chew and eat moist foods. Dry stuff is no good. I can't do bread.

I have had small bowel ulcers but none in stomach or now my pouch.

Hope you find answers,


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on 4/8/17 10:25 am - Las Cruces, NM
thanks so much I am going to try all your suggestions Kelly

on 4/5/17 2:21 pm

Do you have a hiatal hernia? I think that doesn't help me, so maybe it could be affecting you?


on 4/8/17 10:26 am - Las Cruces, NM
Hello and thanks for responding no hernia thanks kelly

on 3/22/18 10:23 am - TX

I had this same thing happen to me over the course of the last 6-8 months. Slowly it became more and more difficult to eat without vomiting, and going without food or drink for hours. It came to a head last weekend when I could not keep anything in for over 2 days and I had to go to the ER for dehydration. They did an endoscopy, and it showed several things. 1) a stricture from my pouch to small intestine, which they ballooned 2) my pouch had shifted so that it actually emptied to the side into my intestine instead of straight down which is how it was initially supposed to be, and 3) my pouch muscles had also almost stopped working to move the food along. 4) my pouch was producing an excessive amount of acid. So the doctor also put me on Reglan for the food movement, this will be temporary, and the doctor says this is expected to help repair the muscle tone in the pouch, and protonix which is probably similar to the Nexium I have been taking for years, so not sure if this will make to much of a difference. But I do know that once all those things were done, I can now eat my normal meal size with not so much as a hiccup or anything coming up. I don't think I realized how long I had let this become a normal until it completely was not anymore.

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