Nice to meet you guys! (Nervous as all get out, but I'm here!)

on 2/2/15 3:48 pm

Hello everyone! My name is Meagen, married with 2 fur-babies, from Indianapolis, IN. I'm 24 years old, am 5'3" (5'4" on a good day ), & weigh about 235 lbs. I'm currently looking into Gastric Bypass for quite a few reasons & have my consult scheduled for February 9th. I'm extremely excited, especially the more research I do. I have been diagnosed with PCOS, hypothyroidism, prolactonemia, insulin resistance, & am pre-diabetic, which makes it extremely hard to lose weight. I've been told by physicians that all these symptoms can be relieved with weight loss, but pretty much 'good luck losing weight'. In regards to one day having a family of my own, physicians have told me I won't be able to have a family on my own without medical help & my pregnancy would be extremely difficult without weight loss. Not to mention that if weight loss is hard/impossible now, I pretty much have no hope after having a baby.

To put it into perspective, there was a period of 6 months where I was religiously watching what I ate & working out 6 days a week & in that time span, I only lost 2 pounds. TWO POUNDS. It was so very frustrating to me & after seeing that, I pretty much gave up. Now I've been told by my physician (putting this in my own words) that I'm pretty much 'too far gone'. This surgery is pretty much my only hope of not balooning up the rest of my life until I'm the size of a blimp.

Have any of the ladies on here had PCOS & gotten this surgery done? What was your experience? 

Does anyone on here have insurance through Premera Blue Cross? How did that go for you? I just found out today that it is covered, just want to know how many hoops I'll have to jump through.

Also, silly question, how did your grocery bill change? I just figure this would be a fun perk, if anything at all. 


Thanks so much for your help!

*Ms. Meagen - Hoping for a new me in 2015!*
HW: 239.8 lbs., 5'3" - Time to make a change (Weight @ first Consultation) 


Y D.
on 2/10/15 8:51 am
VSG on 01/19/15 with

Hi Meagen, welcome!

There's not a lot of traffic on this sub-forum; you'd probably get more responses on the RNY or General Discussion board.

Best of luck on the start of your journey, I hope it goes smoothly for you! I'm 27, no kids, 5'1", start weight 215, no co-morbids- and I had VSG on 01/19. It's a lot to get used to- but I'm losing weight and definitely seeing the changes.

Good luck!!!

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