Community Goals

Buy clothes at a regular store...not a plus size store.

I want to do this


It has been years for this, and I envy the clothes I can't fit into. Plus size has limited selection

Holli R.

specifically a skirt


this has been my dream since i started high school, now im going into my second year of college


I'm a size 22/24 right now. I would like to be a 14 or 12.


I want a Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress AND to look fantastic in it!


Im going to fit in Pink by Victoria secret clothes and Hollister or American Eagle

Cheryl H.

No more hiding behind the "I'm big boned" excuses!

RaeLynn O.

I have to search for "specialty" clothes. I cant wait for the day that I can go shopping anywhere!


All my life I've had to wear plus size, I want to wear a regular size for once!!


Its not fun to shop with such limits! I want to enjoy shopping for clothes!


I want to do this for my birthday