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Greetings fellow sleevers and anyone interested in maintenance issues. This group is being created to provide additional support to vsg patients who are at or near goal and working on the lifelong project of maintaining. All are welcome to post including preops and other wls patients since maintenance is a concern for us all. Hope we can get some good discussions going with tips, stories, problems and support. Lets make this a fun group! Diane

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Today we try snorkeling again. I was able to do it on this boat last year so hopefully I can again. The wind forecast is 10-15 MPH from the SSE, so it may or may not be choppy. I think the water movement is what made me panic a couple of weeks ago. I g

1 Day Ago

Good morning all ! Walked a 5 K yesterday and was drinking a beer at 9:30 AM ! Came home and showered and stripped my bed. Washing machine won?t lock and start. Have filed a maintenance request. One more week until Van Couver ! My newly widowed

2 Days Ago

Good morning! A day to finally sleep in with no work people coming or places I have to be and I woke up at 7. Harumph. But I was awake to see the balloons were back up today. 6 that I could see, but the winds took them away from my house.


3 Days Ago

Another day with a Justice walk and the beach. Mike and I were discussing how we are actually getting a bit bored after 3 weeks here. We love the Keys but 2 weeks would probably be enough. Unfortunately most of these houses outside of Key West are in d

4 Days Ago

OMG! I had written a super long post and just lost it by inadvertently clicking on a stupid link on the OH page! I'm not sure I can fully resurrect it at this point, but here is the gist:

There was a lot to absorb and chew on in yesterday's thr

5 Days Ago

Yesterdays lunch at Little Palm Island was amazing. Like being on a super high-end Caribbean island with fantastic food and service. I actually ate fairly healthy as I had ceviche and blackened fish in lettuce wraps (but I did eat half of my amazing ke

6 Days Ago

The sun is out again and the forecast is for warmer than usual weather by the end of this week until we leave in 9 days (mid-80's).

Eating not great, not terrible. I could have just had peel and eat shrimp for lunch yesterday and been satisfie


sun jan 16
January 16, 2022 4:10 am

Greetings all
Odd for me to start. Maybe OH is busted. Or maybe we all have outdoor things to do on this beautiful day. I am going to watch football with studio buddy and eat more chicken soup made ...
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