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Greetings fellow sleevers and anyone interested in maintenance issues. This group is being created to provide additional support to vsg patients who are at or near goal and working on the lifelong project of maintaining. All are welcome to post including preops and other wls patients since maintenance is a concern for us all. Hope we can get some good discussions going with tips, stories, problems and support. Lets make this a fun group! Diane

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11 Hours Ago

Good morning! Strange for me to have the first post, but happy to do it.

2 Days Ago

Weight 124 - a full pound above range. I am a bit bloated, but that's not all of it.

Mike and I had a really good night out with his longest term friend (since age 3). Good conversation and food at a place on the deck of a restaurant on a rive

3 Days Ago

Quick 4:30 AM dash home to settle the dogs, shower and do laundry before heading on the two hour trip to Syracuse VA to have DC?s pacemaker lead recalibrated. Will grab lunch with my brother and head back for dinner at our favorite restaurant to cele

4 Days Ago



Up early this morning for final visit to the dentist. This latest dental work has been a major drain on my discretionary money piggy bank. It irritates me when I have to spend money on boring maintenance work- Shit,

5 Days Ago

Weight 122.4.

I Am still reeling from RBG's demise and what might happen. A former FB "friend" from way back posted some disgusting comments on one of my shared tributes so I had to delete his comment and unfriend him. What are people like that

6 Days Ago

Weight 122.8. Warranted as I ate like I was a person who could eat whatever they want yesterday... But I did walk 6 miles along the Cape Cod Canal!

I have the fireplace on heating the sunroom (Pic below), but am resisting turning the heat on i

7 Days Ago

Weight 122. Still holding. I can't believe it is almost officially Fall here! Mike and I are planning to leave for Florida 3 weeks from Monday (and DS has decided he is ok with that finally).

Today Mike and I are meeting some friends of his to

1 Week Ago

Shirl, you are so good at personalizing detailed individual validations ! Do you make notes as you read posts, or do you just recall posts you are responding to ? I have to make notes.

We got SS, the RV, back from the new dealer the SAME DAY


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