Doctor's Hospital Of Dallas

"In general, Doctors Hospital was excellent. "

Raeann Capehart

"I first saw Dr. Capehart at her very first patient support group meeting (which was a few days before my scheduled consultation with her) & by the time the meeting was over I had already decided that she was going to do my surgery. She doesn't "lord" over the support group meetings but sits among all the people who attend... that also made me feel more at ease with her. I am very impressed with her knowledge of weight loss surgery (she's been doing gastric bypass surgery since 1978) and food/vitamin issues. I also admire the way she addresses people's questions without making them feel as if their question is silly. When I went for my consultation I was surprised to see that Dr. Capehart has only 1 person working in her office... that's Linda. She's very nice and seems to handle the office workings better than some docs offices I've been in that had many more employees on staff. Anyway, Dr. Capehart stayed with my husband and I during that consultation for nearly 2 hours ! I had taken a long list of questions with me but she answered most of my questions before I ever had a chance to ask them. My husband and I were both VERY impressed with her. My surgery is over now and I still can't say enough about Dr. Capehart. I've had no complications following the surgery & I'm doing better & getting stronger every day. Her surgical ability is awesome and her bedside manner is better than ANY doctor I have ever encountered... and I've encountered a LOT of doctors in my lifetime. I know I can call her anytime and she'll be there for me. I feel truly blessed that I found Dr. Capehart and I thank God every day for leading me to her... she saved my LIFE !! "

Pure Whey Stack

"I like the chocolate flavored whey protein stack. It's easy to mix (without a blender) and it's great for a quick fix of protein when I don't have time to eat a meal or if I need more protein to meet my daily requirement. Just one small scoop mixed in 2-3 ounces of cold water gives you 23 grams of protein but has only 2 grams of sugar & 4 grams of carbs. Not bad ! "


"I didn't like the taste (ate half, tossed the other half) and I thought it was highly over-priced. It's only redeeming factor, in my opinion, is that a bar contains 30 grams of protein. "
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