Egyptianeyesdiva 19 years, 5 months ago

Teresa I hope your surgery went well and I pray for a speedy recovery! You got rid of your Alien girlie! LOL AND a flat tummy!!! Wooo Hooo! I so enjoyed chatting with you at the dinner Saturday and look forward to getting to know you even better. Hugs... Erika

Shell G 19 years, 5 months ago

Hey Teresa Best Wishes on Your surgery Tomorrow. Praying all will be well and Not only a smooth recovery but a smooth tummy!!!!

Gwen Howell 19 years, 5 months ago

Hurry back Teresa. WE NEED YA !!!! With a flat tummy and no blood clot, there will be no stopping you !

Gina L. 19 years, 5 months ago

Hi Teresea, Sending prayers your way for a smooth surgery & fast healing!

charlenecarlile 19 years, 5 months ago

Thinking of you this morning, Sweetie and sending up prayers for and uneventful surgery and a speedy recovery. I can't wait to hear that everything went okay! XOXO Charlene

Cheryl M. 19 years, 5 months ago

Teresa, just a note to let you know that I'm thinking of you today while you're having your hernia repair and panniculectomy done. Love you! Cheryl

Angela G. 19 years, 10 months ago

Teresa , Thank You very much for the ecouranging words. I am really glad that everything has worked out for you. Thasnks for the prayers ,,,Angela

Shelly I. 20 years ago

Hello Sweet Teresa! OH wouldn't let me post to the surgery pages pre-surgery - but here I am post your surgery and I just wanted to say that I am so happy for you and glad that you are through and feeling better! Can't wait to meet you! Love, Shelly

Cheryl S. B. 20 years ago

Girl, after loving you for 28 years, what can I possibly "say" here that I haven't said to you a zillion times before? I am so PROUD of you for taking this daring step to improve your life---and it WILL improve. There will be some rough spots, but please know that I will be "there" for you always. I hope that I can be as good a friend to you as you have been to me...You are my rock and I adore you.

babybear67 20 years ago

I Said a Prayer of Healing for you -- body, mind and soul -- That God would bring you comfort to restore and make you whole. I prayed you'd be surrounded by His awesome love and healing, Dispelling all anxiety or pain you might be feeling. Finally, I prayed you'd be uplifted by His grace, and feel yourself enfolded in the peace of His embrace. Wishing you all the best on your journey for a healthy happy new you. Godspeed, Maureen in TX, RNY 06/23/03 (348/218)
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